lingerie sexy hot body exercises

Lusting after that lingerie sexy hot body look you've seen on lingerie sites or sexy social media feeds?  The nine sexy female body exercises below will transform your body from average to vavavoom.  They may also give you the body confidence to try some of the sexy lingerie dance moves and tips featured in the burlesque dance video.  **For access to all 30 exercises and 6 circuits be sure to subscribe to ybff news.

9 moves for a sexy lingerie hot body 

1.  3d cat stretch

This simple exercise improves posture, boosts energy, improves breathing, boosts metabolism & fat burning, banishes aches, pains and negative mindset plus makes you feel and move like a lingerie sexy hot female!

2.  Camel Pose Garland pose flow

This yoga inspired exercise is also featured in the waist cincher band exercises article as well as the killer legs burlesque circuit and another burlesque inspired exercises video that you can get access to by subscribing to the newsletter. 

3.  chair step up straddle jump

Not only does this move burn fat and calories it builds lower body endurance as well as glute muscle without bulking your thighs.  If this moves doesn't work for you try some other variations from the chair dance series.

4.  curtsey lunge leg extension

The curtsey lunge is one of the best glute building fat burning waist slimming exercises around and many variations of it are featured all over this site and in ybff fitness plans but this version is probably the most intense because it's a single leg version even with some assist from straps.

5.  goddess squat rotating lunge sit thru

When I filmed this exercise video I realized this is not the version I intended to film because it's more advanced but if you have good lower body strength mobility and flexibility you can do this move and it will really challenge your booty and core as well as improve balance and fluidity which means you'll be able to move and dance more sexy! 

6.  straps twist row

This exercise from the intense freestyle circuit video and also featured in the woss  equalizer suspension trainer review video is great for slimming your waist and building functional upper body and core strength and was inspired by the dancing Penelope Cruz did in the movie NINE.

7.  tabeltop high kick

This pilates/yoga inspired move looks sexy plus strengthens and tones your entire posterior chain while carving out a slimmer waist and flattening the abs.  Don't forget to breathe and if you struggle with neck issues try placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth for support.

8.  pike twist press

The inverted press also called a pike press is a great sexy body exercise and there are many many versions of it.  This one is great if you need upper body endurance, a slim waist and better lower body mobility and flexibility.

9.  pilates ball can can kicks

This simple exercise works inner thighs pelvic floor and deep abdominals plus strengthens the back muscles.  If you can't hold the ball try a yoga block and if that's too challenging then try it without a prop and remember to contract deep abs and pelvic floor muscles to support the back as you move the legs from side to side. 

lingerie sexy hot body dance moves

Once you incorporate all these lingerie sexy hot body moves into your weekly or monthly routine you'll start looking and feeling more sexy and you may find yourself moving more sexy or sexy dancing in your sexy underwear when nobody's looking ha ha.  If that's the case and you want to try a sexy dance routine just follow the one by black cherry dance crew.  It's sexy and easy to follow and a great way to burn extra calories.