less cardio intervals less fatloss training more female curves

by monica

how much fatloss training do you really need?

how much fatloss training do you really need?

how much fatloss training do you really need?  booty before my endurance fest and after kim kardashian filter ha ha!

Are you doing too much cardio and too much total body fatloss training for your curvy body goals? In the last 10 years high intensity interval training (cardio intervals or total body fatloss workouts) has become incredibly popular. So popular that hundreds of products were created to fill the demand for this type of training.

The good news is that hiit and fatloss training works for both weight loss and fatloss. The bad news is that once you lose all the weight and bodyfat your body doesn't need as much of that training as it did before especially if you're a woman who is trying to build a more curvy figure.

More cardio and more fatloss training once you are at your preferred weight, bodyfat and size will get you a more athletic looking body but will also prevent you from sculpting sexy female curves.

There are two great examples of this on youtube that are probably two of the most popular fitness channels on there but I'll use myself as an example instead...

Back in April, Justin and I started doing a ton of cardio for our big hiking trip. All my booty workouts and corset training took a back seat to endurance training. It was a sacrifice I had to make to ensure I had both the endurance and hip stability to hike and walk 50 miles in under 6 days.

I cut my booty training down to 1 day a week and after just 2 months my butt was no longer as bootylicous as it was before. The only way for me to restore my butt to it's former bootylicousness is less cardio less fatloss training and more focused butt/leg work.

So my point is this: it's o.k. to go crazy with cardio and fatloss training if you have a lot of weight/bodyfat to lose or if you have other short term endurance goals but if your goal is a more curvy female body or curvy booty then take it easy on the cardio intervals and fatloss training and focus on body type training that gets you the body shape you want.

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