leggings as pants and the athletic wear trend

by monica

leggings as pants and athletic wear as day wear trend

leggings as pants and athletic wear as day wear trend

leggings as pants and athletic wear as day wear trend yoga crop pants perforated metallic loafers knit pullover handle clutch blazer camo and leather leggings outfit JLo looks amazing in track shorts silk blouse and pointy heels

No matter how hard the fashion police tried they couldn't prevent leggings, yoga pants and other athletic wear from becoming just regular day wear. They've finally given up their "don't wear joggers or leggings as pants" rants and are now calling this the "athleisure" trend. I guess when an item of clothing experiences a considerable rise in sales while denim sales plummet then it must be taken seriously ha ha!

Leggings have actually been around since the 1960s and probably made famous by stars like Audrey Hepburn who wore skinny pants or what today we call treggings or peggings (pants or trouser leggings).

Of course in the 80 and early 90s every pop star and hot rocker dude wore printed leggings, liquid leggings, leather leggings and jean leggings from Madonna to KISS to David Lee Roth, Bon Jovi, Poison, and Axl Rose who not only wore leggings but often performed in spandex shorts...

But it was Freddy Mercury who really took it over the top in his Break Free video wearing everything from a spandex bodysuit to high waist leather leggings - or were they disco pants? doesn't matter they were skin tight. Coincidentally this song is about freedom to be who you want or dress how you want no matter how much that freaks other people out!

Fast forward to now and you'll find all kinds of people wearing leggings or leather joggers as pants or yoga pants and bike shorts to anywhere but the gym. So how do you get away with this trend without looking frumpy or crazy? Here's a few tips that you can follow, of course after looking at my pics you may want to completely ignore ALL my advice ha ha!

How to Wear The Athleisure Trend

1. Wear the right undergarments. Nobody wants to see your camel toe or moose knuckle (mammal toe if you're a dude) and I assure you that nobody wants to know whether you have a landing strip or FUPA or any other private junk. A seamless thong or seamless boy short undies keeps your athletic bottoms PG and vpl free : )

2. Layer it up to keep it from looking like a Cirque du Soliel or Lady Gaga costume unless that's what you're going for in which case do what makes you happy and who cares what people think, right! But seriously you can get away with wearing leggings all the time and nobody will stare if you pair them with longer vests, tunics, a mini dress, or a fun jacket or top tied around the waist. It's when you let your booty show that people can't handle your bootyliciousness!

3. Wear heels or interesting shoes to make it look like day wear vs. athletic wear. Leggings, jeggings, treggings, joggers, yoga pants and track shorts are already pretty relaxed and can make you look sloppy and dumpy if you don't pair with dressier pieces. I used to hate wearing yoga crops with sneakers to run into the bank or Starbucks on my way in to work but a pair of perforated metallic loafers, a pullover over yoga top and nice clutch make my striped yoga crops look classy not lazy and changing just my shoes for training clients is quick and easy!

4. Go ahead and fake it or just plain lie to people. So what if you're not going to the gym or to the yoga studio or to a barre3, pole or burlesque dance class. If you want to wear athleisure and have people leave you alone just lie and say Sorry I'm so casual but I was working out at home (lie) and had to run some errands before meeting up so didn't have time to change but in your mind you're really thinking #sorryImnotsorry and only I know your secret and your secret is safe with me as long as you're working out most days of the week ; )

5. Spend what you can afford. There are nice as well as cheap looking leggings and yoga pants or joggers in all price ranges so no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a name. Remember the see-thru yoga pants scandal that pretty much ruined lululemon's reputation and tanked their profits. They're actually on a list of companies that won't even be around next year because like I mentioned in #1 nobody wants see thru bottoms (especially over priced ones) except Rihanna of course.

6. Have fun with fashion and style. Clothes like fitness are supposed to be fun and an expression of who you are so don't be afraid to experiment with a trend you like until you find a way to wear it that works for your lifestyle and personality. There are tons of ways to do this that fit all personalities so don't be afraid to experiment. Jogging pants or track shorts and heels works for some even those in their 40s like JLo who recently rocked this trend like a boss!

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