leather sweatpants trend and train like a man tips for your best female figure

by monica

Manly trend with manly accessories = manly look but with female accessories is sexy.

Why are self proclaimed fitness gurus always telling you to train like a beast to look like a beauty or train like a man to look like a goddess? Because they believe that if harder gets men what they want then it will get women the same thing but that's just not how it works...

I would know because I tried it for years and all it got me was stubborn fat and huge thighs. When I actually started training with a group of guys who lifted super heavy they taught me NOT to train like a dude! Two of those guys were bodybuilders, the other a competitive power-lifter, and one was a cyclist. Before I started training with them my workouts involved:

squatting and deadlifting your own bodyweight (for me that was around 119 lb at the time)
leg presses with three 45 lb plates and one 25 lb plate on each side
db curls with 25-30 lb dumbbells
lat pulldowns with 90-120 lb
tricep pressdown with 70 lb

For those guys my hardest weight was their warm-up weight but they actually taught me to go lighter but to train for time and for speed and balance.

So what I learned is that more is better if MORE huge muscle is your goal but if that isn't your goal then there are smarter ways to train that don't involve lifting super heavy weights followed by incline intervals on the treadmill or stepmill and a bland no-carb diet of chicken and broccoli.

See what 99% of guys in the gym care about is one thing: GETTING HUGE!!! Not one of those guys I trained with gave a damn about getting lean and looking like some manorexic fashion model (according to them that look is weak). So here are THE most important lessons I learned from male trainers for a goddess body:

1. Train right for your goal. If you want to be a big muscular bodybuilder isolate isolate isolate with super heavy weight, eat a lot and don't do a ton of cardio or start cutting carbs until you have all the muscle you want. BUT if you want to look fit and sexy then focus on total body circuit training that balances your body shape (just like I recommend in all my workouts plans). In other words DON'T TRAIN LIKE A BEAST!

2. Eat right for your goal. Bodybuilders eat 6-8 times a day to put on size and muscle and to look HUGE (they want bulk). If you want the same then keep up those 6 meals a day. If not eat just 3 balanced healthy meals, control portions and have just 1 small snack per day (just like I recommend in my meal plans). In other words don't eat like a beast!

3. Push just past your comfort zone but never to the breaking point otherwise you can't train daily and consistency is more important than going hard when your goal is a lean toned body vs. a huge muscular body. This may be the smartest lesson I learned from training with guys. In other words DON'T TRAIN LIKE A BEAST!

4. Don't overdo the fatloss!!! A decent level of bodyfat (fitness or athlete range) is what makes you look curvy and sexy especially if it's in the right places like your chest, butt, and hips. According to my trainer guys looking curvy is way hotter than looking ripped and if you ask around you'll get the same opinion from 90% of men, even ones who are ripped. In other words DON'T TRAIN TO LOOK LIKE A BEAST!

So what the heck does all this have to do with leather sweatpants or leather joggers? Same exact thing! You can wear a menswear inspired trend (I'm pretty sure male rappers started this) but if you don't want to look manly like Kanye West or just grungy like Russel Brand then you gotta style them with feminine accessories like cute heels, feminine blouse or sweater, a pretty coat or fun jacket tied around your waist. Pretty hair and red lipstick helps too.

So the moral of this story is don't bother with man/beast exercise unless you want a man/beast body. Train like a sexy female because that is the ONLY thing that is going to get you a sexy female body. Get started with the video below.

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