The Lazy Butt Workout

Got lazy butt syndrome?  Also known as glute dysfunction or motor amnesia of the gluteus muscles?  Most women and pretty much all men have that these days and it causes all kinds of issues including hip bursitis, knee pain, back pain, poochy lower abs, square flat butt shape, shoulder and neck stiffness, etc!  I could go on but let's just get to some lazy butt exercises to cure this awful issue that most of us deal with at some point or another in our lives.

Lazy Butt Workout & Exercise Tips

Best thing about this lazy butt workout is that it's truly lazy!  You do it laying on the floor the entire time which is great for days when you are tired and just need a quick not so demanding booty circuit or on days when you've kicked some serious butt with your booty training and need to finish up on the floor in tears hahaha.  Either way it's awesome so get your band and get going...

Lazy Butt Workout Exercises:

Dying roach to elevated bridges 

Skydiver butt squeezes 

Beach Bum clamshells

*Oh did you want me to call them by their actual names hahaha. Supine band abductions to elevated wide feet hip extensions, Prone flexed limbs abducted back extensions, Lateral 90 degree elevated abductions.  Nerdy names not so fun anymore right. 

Either way just do 8-12 reps of each and repeat up to 3 times.  Focus on engaging your core keeping your head aligned with your spine at all times and engaging your upper back as well for support. 

A few more tips to make this workout more effective.  Don't use bands beyond your ability.  Working with harder bands won't make you stronger.  You must work with booty bands resistance that allows you to move with exceptional technique otherwise you continue to train dysfunction and possibly build more dysfunction of the core, back, and spine.

Stay focused on YOUR body and your booty results.  When you focus on what is best for you all that noise and the constant comparing to other women just fades away.  Work on being your best not somebody else's best.

Want to really fix your lazy butt issues?  Join us for Heart Booty Challenge...

The blog post on it is here or you can stop by your best female  figure fb page or fb group for more info.  

Need a more beginner glute activation workout?

If you have absolutely zero strength or function in your glutes which I did at one point too then you need to start with more basic glute activation exercises.  Then progress to level two of this workout and then stay consistent with glute activation regularly because we are battling the sedentary life and it is a constant struggle to keep your glutes functional!