31+ kneeling exercises for your fittest sexiest female figure

Kneeling exercises may be some of the most underestimated moves when it comes to body reshaping and improved fitness because let's be honest; not only does kneeling look meek it's also associated with spirituality and babies crawling.  But don't let this humble move fool you.  It has the power to transform you into a tight toned super fit super sexy vixen!  Below are tons of hands and knees moves to get you started plus the reason kneeling is king of all other movement patterns...

Squats & lunges would be impossible without kneeling movement first...

Let's start with squats and lunges; the two most used of the 7 primal movement patterns.  These two movements are part of virtually every complex movement pattern but they wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for kneeling.  So when you take a squat or lunge all the way to the knees you are re-visiting what got you bipedal and most importantly you are strengthening that neuromuscular pathway that can deteriorate from so many of today's sedentary activities as well as aging.  Great kneeling squats and lunges to try are:

Kickass kung fu lunge (pic above) is a deep lunge with back knee touching the floor every rep.  It's featured in Love Your Booty and I've also done it with back foot on medicine ball and knee on floor.

Garland pose to camel pose flow (video here) and featured in a few burlesque fitness workouts is a fun kneeling exercise that's great for improving posture, breathing and metabolism.

Alternating shinbox getup (video here) which combines squat and lunge patterns and takes you from crawling to standing just like a toddler would do.  I still remember 15 years ago when my son was figuring out ways to get from side crawling to standing on his own.  It looked a lot like the shinbox!

Pilates kneeling squat is one of the most intense squats on the planet that also really carves out a slim waist and flattens the abs.  Gym junkies do it with barbells but the Pilates version and burlesque dance version I featured on fb recently work just as well.

basic or dynamic hands and knees moves

There are countless butt core leg and upper body exercises that can be done on all fours including kneeling supermans, various pushups, the infamous hover press from corset core and bodycon plans as well as dozens of variations of glute kickbacks on hands and knees featured in many ybff YouTube videos and articles.

There are also more dynamic hands and knees moves including the rollover or spinal rock to half kneeling getup ball toss (video here), the bear squat to inverted press to revolving 2 point tabletop or the burlesque tabletop to kneeling squat to kneeling lunge getup. 

If anybody ever hassles you about how "easy" hands and knees exercise is you can just bust out one of these dynamic kneeling moves and tell them that kneeling exercises aren't for wussies.  In fact when you lose your ability to kneel your balance and coordination deteriorates at a rapid pace so keep that in mind as you get older like many of my clients in their 60s and 70s who struggle with falling because they've lost the ability to kneel.

balance kneeling exercises, poses and more...

Now if you really want to train kneeling exercises like a boss then you should incorporate some balance kneeling poses into your routine.  If you're doing any ybff plans then I've already got you covered but if not here's 18 balance kneeling move to get you going:

Crow or crane yoga pose, which are different by the way, are both super challenging and require exceptional core control.  You can even try the single leg version that I attempted and still can't do (video here) or other knee flying poses I've featured in my yoga sexy article.

Stability ball single leg knee-in (pic top of page) which I've filmed to death on instagram and is a staple of ybff fitness plans.  It can also be done on the suspension trainer with med balls, foam rollers and chairs.

Kneeling lateral poses such as Pilates leg swings, leg circles or mermaids, yoga gate pose, modified flying warrior pose and alternating single leg kneeling backend as well as exercises that mimic kneeling like suspension trainer knee-ins (pic here), swinging planks, balance disc kneeling lunge to balance overhead press in recent bbwt circuit or quad squat to alternating sit thru.

So there you have it over 31 kneeling exercises that will get you leaner fitter and sexier than you ever thought possible.  Enjoy and as always train at your level and train right for your body type for best results.