The killer butt workout gets you the booty & body you want fast...

This killer butt workout that I've been doing with people in my total body training class sculpt the sexy booty you want but also melts belly flab, back fat and arm fat, plus strengthens and tones core back arms and legs all while improving your cardio endurance too!  What else do you want right.  Oh yeah it makes your boobs look bigger too.  No I'm not kidding.  More on that below.  

killer butt workout exercises, instructions & tips

Squat jump row combo:  This killer butt move from Your Best Female Figure plan torches fat and calories, strengthens and tones legs arms back all while building a sexy curvy booty.  The best way to do it is for time so set an interval timer and go for 4 min. straight either doing tabata intervals or any other type of interval timing that feels challenging.  Then move on to the next few exercises than come back to this at the end for another 4 min.   Be sure to jump high and row hard then land softly with knees aligned over heels not over toes.   

Gliding curtsey with mega ball curl:  This killer butt move which is a modified version of gliding lunges in Love Your Booty plan is pure evil!  Because you are gliding at an angle and touching the ball to the floor then curling it as you come up it really targets your booty hard but also trains your corset muscles to cinch your waist and engages your entire back and arms.  The trick is to keep your upper body straight and not bend much from the waist.  If you add an overhead press you'll work the upper back harder and burn more calories but not recommended for cone and ruler bodies.  

Reverse mountain climbers:  Not only is this innocent looking exercise a hardcore booty moveit also happens to be one of the most effective moves for glute activation as well as inner thigh and waist slimming, core activation and low back strengthening.  You gotta try it to see the results.  Start laying on floor with heels in your straps as shown below then lift up into a high bridge and start alternating heels in at a steady pace without dropping the hips down to the floor.  It is a lot harder than it looks.  If you don't have straps you can also do it with a chair and band as shown in my 

3 count butt lifters:  This new move I created for my class is so vicious that people give me dirty looks when I say we're going to do it hahaha but the booty results from it are amazing.  This is in heavy rotation for me any time I have a show coming up.  You stand with feet hip width with hardest x band you can handle around your ankles (shown below) then contract your deep abdominals and lift one leg back then lift higher and higher for 3 counts lower to starting.  As you do this you also spread your arms out to the sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together without arching the low back.  You can also use a Pilates band for this.    

killer butt workout instructions

Start with 4 min. of the squat jump row with straps or rope then 3-4 rounds of the remaining exercises in a circuit no rest between moves or circuits then go back to the squat jump row for another 4 min.   Be sure to stretch 10-30 min. after this to prevent extreme glute soreness.  This killer butt workout is a killer on the booty but worth doing right if you want better assets a slimmer waist leaner body and overall better endurance strength and fitness.  

If this is too advanced for you be sure to start with YBFF & Love Your Booty plans first to build up to more advanced killer butt workout routines.