killer booty exercises workout options + the added bonus you never imagined

Some of the best killer butt exercises to sculpt sexy assets are also moves that burn tons of fat, flatten your abs, slim your waist, boost endurance and most importantly make you feel like a warrior goddess that can do anything!  I bet you never imagined a workout could make you feel so empowered and confident to pursue really awesome life changing goals other than just getting fit :)  Ready to ignite that fire within?  Just get busy with the options below...

5 killer booty exercises for outdoors OR indoors

The video here features 5 of the best killer booty exercises to sculpt a sexy booty.  The reason these moves are so effective is that they include movement patterns that activate your glute muscles the most.  The video features huge tires and a very steep hill which not everybody has access to BUT also explains how you can easily do this indoors or in a gym for the same amazing results.

So many killer booty exercises options to fit your body & your preferenes

There are so many ways you could do a killer booty exercises workout like this but I don't have time to list the dozens and dozens of options so I'll share 3 of the best for specific body and booty shape goals.

Fatloss Option - If you are a body type that hangs on to fat easily or you are currently in dire need of dropping lots of bodyfat then this option is ideal for you.  Start with a superset of tire flips or squat to sandbell overhead press followed by incline press knee-in and repeat for 2-3 rounds then do tabatas of the traveling squat so 4 min. of 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest then immediately do tabata intervals of step up hops on tire or bench or chair then immediately do continuous work of uphill sprints, jump rope or run in place/jacks/jump lunges.  This option will KICKYOURASS in a way you never thought possible.

Butt Building Option - If you are like me and don't need to be burning off all your fat stores because you actually like the way your body looks but you just want your butt to look slightly more pumped up then this option is for you.  Do 6 tire flips or 6-8 heavy squats 1x then traveling squats with a rolling medicine ball + step up hop + incline plank knee with glute kickback (not shown in video).  Aim for 10-12 of everything for 3-4 rounds then go run up a hill for 5-10 min. making sure to walk down each time for recovery as shown in my uphill video below.  If you don't have a hill try 4-5 min. of continuous jump rope/jacks/jump lunges combo instead.

Waist Slimming Option - Got junk in the trunk, don't need to lose fat but your over trained core is bulked up beyond belief and you really want to slim it down? then this option is for you.  Do a circuit of traveling squats, step up hops and uphill running or running in place for as many rounds as you can handle in 15 min.   Do not use weight on the squat and move as quickly as you can with good form on all moves.  Follow this up with 10 min. of uphill sprints of chair cardio then grab an x band and do tabatas intervals of booty band jacks.  

Once you start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with killer booty exercises and workouts other amazing things will happen...

One of the most amazing benefits I've gotten from Love Your Booty workouts is the confidence and courage to perform again.  Below is a pic from my performer feed of all the acts I've performed in the last 6 months.  It's been an amazing and incredibly liberating experience and every month I'm inspired to create more daring and challenging acts.  Now maybe performing isn't your goal but I'm sure you have other life goals that are just waiting to be pursued.  I promise that Love Your Booty plan will help you get the body the booty and the confidence to get whatever you really want in life!