Jump Rope Workouts for A Lean Toned Body

Jump rope workouts are one of the best body toning exercises you can do at home.  They burn fat easily and quickly, improve endurance, core stability, balance, and coordination PLUS they strengthen your arms, shoulders, upper back, legs, and feet!

According to experts jump rope exercises can burn 1000 calories per hour but only athletes with super endurance (like Buddy Lee) can jump that long.  If you're jumping for fat loss and weight loss then quick jump rope intervals work better and are more fun.  Below are a few jump rope tips that will help you get better results from your rope skipping routine.

Buy The Right Type of Jump Ropes

I've used virtually every rope out there and so have my clients and even though it seems like a simple piece of equipment all the styles are very different and have pros and cons. Read about them below so you can find the best rope for your needs.

Beaded Jump Rope is the one most of us used at school. It's adjustable and has a good solid feel when you're jumping but there are a few major issues with this rope. If you're not very coordinated a whack to the leg really hurts. If you use your rope often the beads will break. If you're looking to speed jump then this rope will slow you down. A great rope for those who can jump and want a good arm workout but not the best choice for beginners or those who want to move quickly.

Leather Jump Rope with wood handles feels light and is the most versatile. It's great for all types of jumping exercises and allows you to pick up speed too. You can add weight if you want a tougher upper body workout and this rope won't get kinks or creases that can throw off your coordination. The only downside is that it's not adjustable so you have to get the ideal size for your height and you can't share it with a taller or shorter person.

Nylon Non-Weighted Jump Rope with wood handles is the softest rope you can buy. It feels limp and getting it to rotate fast is a challenge. It's a great choice for beginners and the less coordinated, those who want to jump barefoot, or for kids. Not so great for speed jumping or traveling jumps.

PVC Speed Jump Rope has two types of handles plastic or foam (this is really a matter of preference). It's light and designed to go fast. Some come with extra weight, fancy counters, and calories burned counters, but all this extra stuff is unnecessary and can get in the way of great jump rope workouts. The best pvc rope is a plain one that fits your height. PVC is my #1 choice for most people.

Best Way To Get Results from Rope Skipping

There are all types of jump rope workouts dvds that you can buy but most of them are too long and too sport specific for most women.  If you just want to burn fat and tone up all you have to do is add jump rope intervals to your workouts; before during and after just like I'm doing in workout video here.

If you are interested in improving endurance for boxing or competitive jumping or your sport of choice be sure to check out dvds or books by Buddy Lee, the top jump rope expert in the world.  Buddy teaches at fitness expos all over the world and is also the jump rope expert of choice for most crossfitters.

Great Jump Rope Workouts for People Who Can't Jump

If you have joint issues and can't jump you can still get a killer jump rope workout with a rolling ropes dvd.  You will be shocked at how challenging rolling ropes is. I tried it years ago and was amazed at how much my upper body and core was working even though I wasn't jumping and wasn't very good at rolling the ropes.  

I actually rolling ropes again recently and was able to roll the ropes much better because of all the circular movement I've been doing for the past few years.  My arms and abs got an even better workout than the first time plus I had way more fun with it.  The rope I'm using is just a $6 nylon rope from the hardware store but you can use any kind of rope you have including beaded, speed and leather.

Get The Right Mindset for Jump Rope Intervals

Every adult I've ever trained thinks they're too uncoordinated to jump rope but like any other workout or exercise it takes a bit of practice and focus. The trick to better coordination is not focusing on perfection, staying positive, having fun with it. If you were good as a kid you'll get it faster and if you're uncoordinated it will take a bit more time but you'll get it eventually if you stay relaxed.