iphone exercise tips that boost consistency motivation & results

Want to boost exercise motivation, workout consistency and fitness results?  These 5 simple iphone exercise tips help you do that plus have more fun and don't require spending money on workout apps.  Your smartphone basic functions can actually take your workouts to another level of intensity and fun just like a skilled person trainer but without the $70 an hour fee. 

twerk your workout alarm!!

No need to download some fancy workout app to remind you to get moving.  Just set your iphone exercise alarm to a song on your playlist that gets you pumped up for exercise and name the alarm a motivating phrase that will get you moving.  My alarm said workout time but I changed it to "get off computer it's sexy booty werk time!!!"

I have it set to go off at 3 p.m. M-F (the days I really need to be motivated to stop working and start exercising) and the song I chose for my alarm is Running by Jessie Ware (disclosure remix).  It's a fun dance song that makes me want to get busy with booty and core moves.

pick a mood with songza

O.K. so I lied about not needing apps.  Songza is my favorite workout app but technically it isn't a workout app.  It's actually a music concierge with thousands of songs that you can choose based on activity, mood, genre or decades.  Best of all it's 100% free workout music with no audio ads once you pick your music.  

So you can workout to whatever keeps you going without risk of slow or lame workout tracks that seem to pop up on other playlists when you need your music to stay upbeat to push past that comfort zone.  Nine times out of ten songza plays exactly what you need if you choose the right station for your music preferences/mood.

continuous work it for 1 awesome song

As you know from previous articles, continuous work circuits are one of the best ways to boost calorie and fat burning especially if you add them in at the end of a circuit OR... you use my secret iphone exercise trick that will test your endurance!  So instead of doing your CWC at the end of a circuit you do it when that really great song that gets you all energized starts up on songza.  

Just work some of the exercises in your workout continuously until that track ends and keep moving the entire time so don't stop until that song is over.  This will boost cardio and muscular endurance big time and create a positive workout experience because you're pushing hard to a song you really love.  As soon as the song is over continue with whatever you have left to do.  Great example of two moves that work well together in video here.

be your own fitness technique critic

Now is your chance to turn into an iphone exercise video expert of your own workout technique.  Watching how you move and do your exercises and workouts can be one of the most revealing things you ever do and can show you exactly why you may not be getting the best results.  

Every time I have to film and edit video I often catch myself performing 1-2 exercises with poor technique or rushing through exercises that I know I should be taking more slowly.  I've also identified weaknesses and have been able to improve in those areas because I saw exactly why I was struggling.  The video here shows a strength exercise that I really need to improve.  

If you've never filmed yourself before I highly recommend it and if you ever have questions about your technique you can always post your video for me on fb and I would be happy to help you fix whatever is going on.  I actually filmed the viddy here to make sure I was going as low as possible on gliding disc lateral lunges.  Get low get low get low!

setup iphone exercise rewards notes

I wrote an entire article about setting up an incentive plan that motivates you to stay consistent but one simple way you can set up an iphone exercise incentive plan is to use the notes feature to log every workout.  

No need to be detailed, just enter day and what you did then after you reach a set number of workouts reward yourself with something nice like a new pair of shoes, a sexy outfit, some sexy lingerie, or a weekend getaway.  

It's much easier to have workout motivation and stay consistent with exercise when you're getting something you really want for exercising daily.