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I have an inverted triangle shape with no waist or curves whatsoever and was just wondering if you have any workout to help me out with my shape. I really hate my shape and look more like a man than a woman. Please help me out!!!

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Mar 25, 2013
v body type workout tips
by: monica

Thanks for posting your question. I truly understand how you feel. I often felt like that when I was younger, wished I had a curvier figure instead of my banana, ruler, H frame, boyish shape but I think the first step in getting a curvier body you love is learning to accept the body type you have and to appreciate some of it's advantages.

#1: The inverted triangle or V body type is a natural atheltic build so unlike other body types you need less upper body work and slightly less cardio to get/look fit : )

#2: Being able to get away with a lot less upper body work means you can spend a lot more time on your lower body which will build some booty muscle and adds some curves to your body.

#3: Unlike triangles and hourglass figures who have to worry about bulking up the thighs and butt, you can focus on all types of fat burning leg focused cardio workouts that add some volume to your legs while burning off fat and leaning out your upper body and core.

Whether you have weight/fat to lose or are already somewhat fit and just want to lean out your upper body while adding some volume to your lower half to balance out your V body type, you should spend about 4 days a week training lower body, 2 days on cardio, and 1 day on upper body and core.

Another thing that can help is cycling your carbs which means you cut out ALL carbs every 4th day and moderate them in various ways the rest of the days. This eating trick WILL start leaning out your upper half even faster.

The workout blueprint and eating plan that shows you exactly how to do all this is in my ebook Your Best Female Figure Plan

If you are closer to your ideal weight/bodyfat and looking to add some serious volume to your booty while burning some fat off core and upper body you can try my other workout plan Love Your Booty

You can't change your body type but if you work with it instead of against it you can balance your shape and get a curvier female figure that makes you feel good about yourself.

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