best inner thigh slimming exercises that also slim your waist & sculpt curvy sexy booty!

There are countless inner thigh slimming exercises you can do but so many of them have no other benefit than to “tone” the inner thighs and as you know from previous articles, toning also known as trouble zone and spot reduction is just a waste of your precious time that you could be dedicating to more effective inner thigh moves that also burn the fat, sculpt a slimmer waist and a firm curvy sexy butt and lean toned arms and legs... 

24 of the best inner thigh slimming exercises in this new video

My new video shows 24 of the best inner thigh slimming exercises.  This includes every single variation or combination of the moves shown or mentioned.   The benefits of choosing these types of inner thigh exercises over the worst moves (listed at the end) is  a slimmer waist, leaner legs, curvier sexier booty, improved strength, tone, flexibility, balance, posture, core strength as well as time and money saved. 

As I've mentioned before most of the fitness gear featured in my videos is very affordable, time efficient, and fun which makes exercising at home more enjoyable.  You can get it at ybff amazon shop.

There are many ways you can incorporate these moves into your weekly fitness routine.  One of my favorite ways is to pick one move from each category mentioned in the video and combine them into a circuit so pick one functional move one fatloss move one focused move and one stretch and repeat up to 5 times for an amazing total body workout that slims those inner thighs!  Another option is to do one round of everything as one giant circuit.  I tried it and it was quick, intense and fun.  

If course if you're looking for the absolute best results from any exercises then it's best to get started with a structured fitness plan that includes these moves AND is ideal for your body type and goal.  Love Your Booty:  Best Butt Workout plan which I mentioned in the video is great for anybody wanting to lean out their legs, sculpt a sexy booty, burn some bodyfat as well as belly fat plus improve lower body endurance strength and tone. 

If you need to lose a lot of bulk around your core and thighs then the  Hourglass Waist YBFF combo plan is a better fit and if you just need a lot of weight loss and fatloss then Bodycon Female Fitness plan would be a better option for you.  All these plans include these inner thigh exercises or variations of them.

Inner thigh slimming exercises tips

If you watched the video then you know I mentioned how exercise order matters a lot when it comes to getting better results.  You always want to start out with the most demanding total body exercises first this way you boost  the fat burning and calorie burning of your circuit and you don't fatigue your core and get injured.  

Starting out with the hardest stuff first also makes the more focused moves even harder.  If you train smaller movements first then do the total body stuff you risk getting seriously injured AND you will not get the same level of intensity from any of the exercises.  

Some other tips and tricks that can make these exercises more effective are:

  • Engaging your pelvic floor (also known as doing kegels) on the pilates ball moves as well as the straps bridge and ball curl bridge.
  • Buteyko breathing during all the fatloss moves for improved fat burning as well as improved exercise technique and focus.
  • Corset muscle activation and glute muscle activation before starting your circuits helps improve technique, just a little goes a long way
  • Using different fitness gear with exercises every time you train also speeds up results, prevents plateaus and keeps workouts fun!
  • Balancing your body shape by focusing on the right number of lower body circuits, core circuits, upper body circuits and  total body circuits each week is also key to better results faster.  Every workout plan here at YBFF shows you exactly how to do this.

worst inner thigh slimming exercises to stop wasting time on...

I recently posted pics of the 5 worst inner thigh moves on fb that most women waste their time on.  I did these moves for years but never got really great results until I started using the fitness gear in my video.  I was going to mention more of the worst inner thigh exercises by name but basically anything that requires you target only the inner thigh area is a waste of your time so no need to name names.  

Unless you are weak/injured and need to rebuild strength through isolation in that area avoid inner thigh isolation if you want to avoid bulking up.  Remember that isolation builds muscle in a specific area so it's better to focus on total body moves that use the inner thighs the way they are designed to be used as stabilizers  vs. primary movers.