I am so confused about my body

by Becca

Hi, my body has been puzzling me for my entire life. Even when I.was extremely thin and fit I always had these large high hips. I'm not sure what category or body type I fit into. I'm 5' 3", I weigh 125 lbs. My measurements are 39 bust-30 1/2 waist-37 high hip -39 low hip. I have extremely high hips and that is the first place I gain weight, in the high hip area. Because my hips are so high, my torso is short and it makes me look bigger than I really am. I have done research and this seems to be a problem of a figure 8 body type. I don't really feel I need to lose weight but I want to tone up amd make my body more balanced. What can you recommend? Obviously bone structure is permanent so I will always have the hip shelf, but I want to accentuate my curves more and get rid of this seemingly permanent spare tire.

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Oct 21, 2015
sexy figure issues?
by: monica

Hi Becca I do understand how you feel when you say your body has been puzzling your entire life BUT before we get into all that I just want to say that when I flipped your pic right side up and enlarged it I saw your shape and thought WOW sexy curves. I'm sure tons of other women who visit here agree with me and I guarantee that no man or woman sees the same issues that you have with your hips but as I know from my own body issues this probably makes no difference to you right?

So the reality is that there is a lot of variety even within body types so even though you very obviously have that sexy figure 8 there are other factors contributing to what you believe is excess high hip size .

Factor 1: High hip is really not hips. Only your butt (behind and around the sides) is hip so what you're talking about is lower abs and lower back. Anything above the posterior superior iliac spine is no longer glutes(hips). Does that help you to see it differently?

Factor 2: Your body gains fat weight in the lower abs first which is pretty normal for your body type. I've worked with quite a few client with this body type and it's interesting because the waist stays fairly small but the "high hip" area takes forever to shrink. For some women the lower ab fat shows in the front and for others it shows on the back and sides making it look like bigger hips.

Factor 3: At your fittest you still have this issue BUT what was your bodyfat at your fittest? Was it still in the fitness range? If the answer is yes then the solution is getting it down to athlete range which is 14%-20%. My personal feeling on this (which anybody is free to disagree with) is that 17%-18% is about as low as you should go if you still want to look curvy vs. more athletic. Right now if I had to guess I would say your bodyfat is in the 22% range but that is just a guess. So if you lost 5% bodyfat you would probably achieve a leaner looking figure 8 shape. A good plan for you would be bodycon female fitness because you don't have to worry about core bulking or losing your butt like rulers or cones. I can pretty much guarantee that focusing on losing bodyfat (not just weight but bodyfat) is what would benefit you most. This may affect your weight a little or a lot. That depends on genetics too. Some women can lose bodyfat and not tons of weight. Others who lose bodyfat also lose a lot of weight. I've seen both and both are acceptable.

Factor 4: Your torso is actually normal but it's the tendency to gain in the lower torso that gives the appearance of a short torso so again this is a bodyfat issue not a body shape issue which means you have plenty of control over it.

Factor 5: You are a shorty like me (i'm 5'3 and 3/4") which makes all this even more noticeable. A tall girl with your exact shape would not even be bothered with this because she would just look more hippy so your height makes the problem seem worst than it is but it's really easy to fix with intense fatloss workouts and maybe cutting back to 1 starchy carb per day if you are having any more than that.

Let me know if this makes any sense and thank you so much for sharing your pic and your story here. I know lots of other women appreciate your question too :)

Oct 21, 2015
Thank you!
by: Becca

Wow, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Also, thank you for making me feel good about myself! It's relieving to know that I can change the parts I don't like. I will give it a shot and hopefully update you on my success!

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