Gold's gym hydro medicine ball review

If you're ready to take your core butt workouts to the next level of intensity then the hydro ball (slosh ball) delivers that and so much more.  This Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball review includes the pros and cons of this fun fitness gear as well as exercises, tips and DIY info too.  Ready to get sloshed...  

Slosh pipes vs. hydro balls or slosh balls

A few years ago one of my trainer friends at the studio where I train clients made a couple of slosh pipes and brought them in to try but the only exercises he could think of doing with these were squats or overhead pressing and overhead walking.   I asked him if I could show him some primal pattern movement and as you can see in center video here the options for killer core butt exercises are pretty amazing.

The only problem with slosh pipes is they're a pain to lift if you're short and small like me.  They are also not easy to store and they are limited in terms of dynamic movement so after using the slosh pipes and loving how the water sloshing trained my core butt legs arms and back a lot harder I finally decided to purchase a hydro medicine ball also called a slosh ball.  

Initially when I looked I only found versions starting at $145!  That is probably what I've spent on my entire medicine ball collection over the past years and honestly I didn't think it was worth spending that kind of money for this type of fitness gear.  So I kept looking and finally found the Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball for just $24.  

Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball review & workout options

I was initially worried that this ball would leak and fall apart but it's lasted for a while now even with regular client usage too.  Here's what you'll love and not like about this slosh ball:

The pros of the Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball:

  1. It's inexpensive compared to the same capacity ball of most other brands which start at triple the cost of the $25 Gold's hydro ball for half the weight capacity of the Gold's ball.
  2. It's easy to find on amazon or at certain sporting good shops and discount stores.
  3. It's easy to hold so if you're a short small woman like me with short arms and small hands you won't struggle to hold the ball when the water starts sloshing around while you exercise.
  4. It comes with a pump and is easy to fill with air and water because the valves for each are on opposite ends of the ball which is not the case with most other slosh balls that require valve turning shenanigans to fill both from same end.

The cons of the Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball:

  1. The water end has a flat plastic medallion closure with a slit down the center that requires you use a coin to open and opening it is not easy but closing it not a problem.
  2. The hydro ball is not meant for slamming or supporting weight  but if you drop it once or twice it wont' be a big deal.  You CAN throw and pass to a partner though which my clients think is super fun.
  3. The ball will lose water even though it's sealed and does not leak in any way.  I filled it to 10 lb when I got it and recently had to refill because it lost about 5 lb of water (evaporation?  not sure why).

My overall review of the Gold's Gym hydro medicine ball is 4 out of 5 stars.  For the price it is an amazing piece of fitness gear that is user friendly and has very few drawbacks.  

Here's a few workouts with the hydro ball:  

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Bigger booty water torture training " the kickass BBWT circuit (coming soon)

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When in doubt lunge it out.  Lunges vs. squats?  No contest!

DIY slosh ball options and tips

This article would not be complete without a DIY section to rival my recent DIY exercise sandbag article so here's how to make your own hydro "ball" for practically nothing:

DIY slosh ball option 1:  Grab an old stability ball that you're not using and fill  it with water.  It's that easy and as you can see here from the Ross training blog for hardcore dudes it works but may not be the best for ybff workouts.

DIY hydro ball option 2:  Half fill a small jug of water then place that jug inside a duffel bag just like I placed various types of weights in my DIY exercise sandbag post.  You can also wrap a towel through the handle of a bigger jug instead of putting it in a bag.   Just make sure you don't fill it all the way so the water can slosh around.