Get Lean Toned Arms with Simple How to Lose Arm Fat Tips & Dynamic Arm Toning Exercises

If you want lean toned arms then you've probably tried the same old basic arm toning exercises like dips, kickbacks, close grip pushups, and all those other moves that have somewhat improved the strength and look of your arms.  

But what if you're ready to take your arm toning exercises to the next level without bulking them up or having to use expensive pull up bars, suspension trainers or other gear that takes up space or leaves holes in your walls or ceiling?

No worries!  The 3 simple tips and arm toning exercises below are affordable and best of all they work to get you super sleek toned arms that you'll want to show off in sleeveless tops and dresses.

How to Lose Arm Fat Tip #1:  Get Busy with DYNAMIC Bodyweight Exercises

Basic pushups and dips and planks are great if you're a total beginner but once you've been training for a while you need to challenge your arms with more advanced bodyweight moves like alternating spider presses, mermaid pushups, swinging planks, rotating tabletops, and other dynamic moves like the ones in instagram posts here.  

I can honestly say from personal experience that no dumbbell or cable exercises in the gym ever got my arms as lean and flab free as dynamic fat burning exercises using just bodyweight moves.

How to Lose Arm Fat Tip #2:  Do More Flow Yoga or Yoga Arm Balances

Just like dynamic bodyweight exercises, yoga arm balances challenge your upper body and core in ways that regular old strength training moves just don't.

Not only will you build amazing upper body endurance and strength without bulking up your arms you will improve coordination and core stability which is great for flat toned abs and a smaller waist.    

The only catch to yoga for toning is that it takes a lot of patience because you won't be able to perfect moves right away.  The great news is that you don't need to be able to do advanced yoga poses right away to start seeing visible arm toning and other fitness results.  

You'll notice tighter less flabby arms fairly quickly and once you do finally start getting into cool arm balances the feeling of accomplishment is pretty awesome!

How to Lose Arm Fat Tip #3:  Add Thera Bands or Pilates Bands Exercises

If only I had known how effective thera-bands are for sculpting lean toned arms I would have started using them ages ago!  Not only are thera-bands super cheap but you can feel and see them working right away.  

Most people and trainers only use these for rehab (I used to do the same) but as I learned from the book Conditioning for Dancers by Eric Franklin, bands can strengthen your entire body while improving posture, coordination, and core function in ways that other types of weight don't.  

The trick with thera-bands is to control the movement, keep the shoulder blades back and down the entire time you use them, and engage the deep abdominals to stabilize your entire body against the pull of the bands.

Arm Toning Exercises That Work Fast!

Here's a quick list of arm toning exercises that get results fast.  Some are featured in the videos and pics here and more are in my arm toning exercises article.

  • swinging plank
  • mermaid pushup
  • alternating spider press
  • quad press
  • downdog pushup
  • rotating tabletop
  • tabletop leg lift
  • sun salutation
  • hover press
  • pilates mermaid
  • yoga arm balances
  • thera band rows
  • thera band pulls
  • thera band raises
  • thera band flys

Bonus Toned Arms Tip:  Work the right rep range!

If you are happy with lean muscle you already have stick with 8 or less on most exercises.  Need to put on lean muscle then go higher.  Remember that more volume (more time spent training a body part) = more lean muscle (possibly more bulk). 

Lower reps are great for strength, maintenance, and the lean toned look if you already have all the lean muscle you need or want.  Reps are one of the trickiest training variables to manipulate that's why I included 4 pages of training variable tips in my bodycon female fitness fatloss plan.  

Need to burn fat?  Incorporate any of the exercises above into your fatloss workouts just not for tons of reps.