How to Lose 10 Pounds of Stubborn Fat

Did you work hard to lose a considerable amount of weight but are now struggling with how to lose the last 10 pounds of stubborn fat?  Have you been struggling to lose the same 10 pounds your entire life?

Don’t worry, your how to lose 10 pounds of stubborn fat weight issue is one of the most common problems that most trainers get hired to solve. It's also the easiest to solve if you're willing to focus on the three main causes of your stubborn fat.

Why The Last 10 Pounds Won't Budge

There are various reasons the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose. Unfortunately none of those have to do with that old set point theory that claims your weight range is predetermined. There are tons of research studies that have found the set point theory to be a complete myth so you can toss that reason out the window and get busy with the real reasons most people struggle to lose stubborn fat including:

1. Exercises or exercise that is no longer challenging.

2. Workout routine or plan that is too predictable.

3. Healthy eating plan that is wrong for your body type.

Best Exercise to Lose 10 Pounds in 2-4 Weeks?

The simple answer to this very common question is that there is no such thing as a "best exercise" to lose fat fast or faster. The truth is that most fat burning exercises and workouts work to burn fat UNTIL your body adapts to those exercises and then more challenging versions of the exercises you do are required to continue getting results.

If you’ve been doing certain types of exercise several days per week for several weeks or months your body responds to this stimulus by increasing cardio endurance, strength, fat metabolism (fat burning) etc. Basically this is your body getting fitter and healthier.

When your body stops responding to what you've been doing that is a clear sign you need to do something more challenging to continue getting results and prevent an adaptation response also known as a plateau.

Best Way to Outsmart the Adaptation Response & Lose 10 Pounds of Stubborn Fat 

The adaptation response varies between individuals depending on fitness level and experience. The more fit and experienced you are the faster your body responds. The less fit and experienced you are the longer it takes your body to adapt.

Once your body does adapt it requires new more challenging stimulus to elicit further adaptation and results.  Tired of trying the last 10 pounds of stubborn fat? Get busy with more advanced movement patterns like the ones in this video.

Keep in mind that new stimulus does not mean more stimulus it means different stimulus. Adding hills or sprints to your walk or switching your cardio activity all together would be an example of a different type of stimulus to moderate intensity walking.

Doing dumbbell squats, floor pushups, and suspension rows would be different stimulus than leg machines, dumbbell presses and resistance band or machine rows.

So the best way to prevent a plateau or get off one fast (outsmart the adaptation response) is to progress to more advanced movement patterns that your body has not adapted to yet.

How to Lose 10 Pounds Faster with Exercise Periodization

One of the main reasons most people can't figure out how to lose 10 pounds of stubborn fat is they don't know how to incorporate exercise periodization into their workout plans. Exercise periodization is just a fancy trainer term that means splitting up your exercise and training into progressively challenging cycles usually 3-4 weeks in length.

Workout periodization is not as complicated as it sounds and is one of the best ways to ensure that your exercise is challenging enough at every phase of your fitness/fatloss journey.

So the question of how to lose 10 pounds of stubborn fat fast is often easily solved with a good workout plan that prevents plateaus and gets you to the goal body you desire.  If you can't be bothered trying to come up with a routine to lose the stubborn fat or not sure how to lose 10 pounds of fat without losing your curves then be sure to get on a workout plan that teaches you how as you go.  This way you'll learn to get results that last forever!

How to Lose 10 Pounds Fast with Metabolic Typing

As my favorite healthy eating coach likes to say "one man's healthy food is another man's poison" which means that what you think is healthy may not be what your body actually needs to lose fat, get healthy and fit. What may seem like a healthy diet because the media has determined it to be so (no carb, low fat, vegan, high protein, etc.) may not be what your body needs to lose stubborn fat.

The ONLY way to know what healthy foods your body needs to burn the fat and sculpt a lean toned sexy body is to take a metabolic typing quiz which can be found in any of the books below.

What you're going to find out when you take this quiz is whether you are a carb type, a protein type or a mixed type. It may come as a shock to you (just like it did to me) that your body loses more fat and has an easier time maintaining a healthy weight and bodyfat on a higher carb diet or that your low-fat semi-vegetarian diet is actually the reason you can't keep your cholesterol down or your bodyfat down (this actually happened to one of my clients).

If you're tired of eating healthy and trying to figure out how to lose 10 pounds of stubborn fat then then you must ignore all the media hype about the lastest and greatest diets and instead start doing what is right for YOUR body. When you eat in a way that is compatible with your metabolic type (or what is known as a biocompatible diet) you will start to see amazing results from your workouts and healthy habits much faster. Plus you'll be able to maintain those results easily.