How to get bigger butt workout tips & bigger booty exercises

If you're not a pyramid body type then you know exactly how hard it is to get a bigger butt while simultaneously burning all the flab off the rest of your body without losing your sexy female curves.  The curse of the ruler and cone and in some cases the hourglass type too is that we usually have an easier time losing fat than triangles but we struggle to maintain a bigger rounder sexier booty which is why the 3 how to get bigger butt workout tips in this article and 3 exercises in the video are so important..

How to get bigger butt with 3 types of advanced movement patterns

Using more weight for your butt exercises isn't the only option when it comes to getting a bigger booty.  In fact doing the same exercises you've always done with heavier dumbbells is one surefire way to bulk your core and thighs without really adding more mass to your assets.  

So unless you're one of those bodybuidler girls who's on a chicken broccoli  steroid diet and who is willing to train  2 hours a day in the gym then more weight is not the answer.  What will work is more complexity of movement such as swinging, reaching, balancing.  Here's how and why this works.

swinging - moving a weight around, over or under your body makes your exercises a lot more challenging which not only burns more fat without any added impact but also recruits more muscle without having to use more weight.  The more muscle fiber you use the easier it is to grow/maintain it.

reaching - using the full range of motion that your muscles have to offer by going all the way from the floor to overhead is also a great way to recruit more muscle fiber without having to rely on adding more weight and because the movement is so big you burn tons of fat which means no added bulk on thighs or core!

balancing - forcing your body to balance by supporting on one leg or one arm or one leg or from an inverted position is also a way to recruit more muscle fiber that builds muscle but again it doesn't require extra weight which means you can move faster burning more calories and avoiding the bulking effect. 

How to get bigger butt with water ball training

So now that you know how to get a bigger butt with swinging reaching and balancing you try adding in these complex advanced moves with the BBWT circuit that includes exercises adapted from Love Your Booty plan.

The first exercise would be a great substitution for any type of later lunge.  The second move would be a great substitution for any type of jump squat or tabletop and the third would be a great substitution for any type of gliding lunge or front to back lunge hop.  

The most important tips with these how to get bigger butt moves is bigger movement at a faster pace but obviously with exceptional technique.  You must also use some type of weight that shifts around like the hydro ball or the sandbells.  Dumbbells won't work especially if your body is already adapted to them.

Want to get bigger breasts naturally too?

Since we're on the topic of how to get bigger butt I'm going to guess that you may also want to know how to get bigger breasts naturally to compliment your bigger booty so there's a few workout videos and tips here at ybff site on that too.

The tips for bigger breasts article includes a really great beginner/intermediate workout to get you started and the get bigger breasts naturally article includes more advanced exercises plus more tips for those looking for more bigger chest options.

Need a water or sand filled weight but can't find one?

I recently posted two articles on how to make your own hydro ball and sandbell with stuff you already have in your home.  The DIY exercise sandbag blog post has detailed instructions and pics on how to do it and the DIY hydro ball article is actually part of my Gold's Gym hydro ball review so scroll down to the very bottom for the quick how to do it yourself part.