How to Burn Fat Fast with Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning has become one of the most popular ways to burn fat fast and lose weight quickly and permanently.  Metcon for short is a combination of metabolic workouts and a metabolic diet that alters your body chemistry, and produces fat burning hormones that force your body to burn fat as fuel so you get lean and toned faster. Below everything you need to know to get started...

How Metabolic Conditioning Works To Speed Up Fatloss

Metabolic conditioning also known as MetCon, Metabolic Effect (ME), Metabolic Workouts of Metabolic Training is just a technical term that means fat burning strategies that force your body to tap into all it’s energy sources (especially your fat stores) for fuel.  High intensity interval training, boot camp workouts, INSANITY workouts, and Bodycon Female Fitness plan are all great examples of metcon and what it can do for you in terms of quick fatloss.

The key thing to remember about metabolic conditioning for fatloss and weightloss is that it’s focus is not on how many calories you burn during a workout but how much of your fat stores you tap into during workouts and during recovery the 24-48 hours after your workout is over.

A 45 minute moderate intensity walk on the treadmill may burn tons of calories but there is zero "after burn" effect. A MetCon workout on the other hand burns tons of calories and fat during the workout and continues to do so while your body is recovering and this is what matters when it comes to quick fatloss that lasts.

How to Burn Fat Fast with Metabolic Workouts

If your goal is quick weightloss, fatloss and lean toned body then you must stick with metabolic conditioning (high intensity interval training with cardio AND weights) most of the time.

Focus on full body fat burning exercises that burn maximum calories and boost metabolism most days and keep the isolated toning workouts to a minimum.

Your goal with a metabolic workout should always be as much intensity as you can handle while still maintaining good technique. Watch the video here to learn how to burn fat fast or try my workout blueprint below.

How to Burn Fat Fast 10 Min. Workout Blueprint

  • 1 minute warm up - Jumping jacks, running in place, jump rope, burpees, or squat thrusts are all great options. So is a quick sprint around your neighborhood, up and down stairs or on a cardio machine.
  • 4 min. tabata protocol - Work on your hardest exercise for 20 seconds and then take 10 seconds to recover and repeat continuously 8 times (that's 4 minutes total). Only choose boot camp moves like pushups, walking lunges with db overhead presses, squat jumps, 8 count bodybuilders, etc. Avoid isolation exercises like crunches, tricep kickbacks, curls, or butt toning moves. This 4 min. should feel VERY hard.
  • 4 minute circuit - After your 4 minutes of tabatas try a full body circuit with 3-4 exercises. Again only include exercises that target your largest muscles groups and do 8-10 reps of each going from one to the next with no rest and repeat as many times as possible in 4 minutes. This is called an A.M.R.A.P. workout and should feel like challenging cardio.
  • 1 minute cool down - walk or do mobility exercises or stretch to get your heart rate back to normal and cortisol levels down. A cool down is key to preventing injuries and boosting post workout fatloss also known as after-burn!

How to Burn Fat Fast with The Metabolic Typing Diet

In addition to metabolic workouts you can also use a metabolic diet to burn the fat even faster. According to Dr. William Wolcott creator of The Metabolic Typing Diet people fall into three basic metabolic types and if your diet doesn't fit with your metabolic type you will struggle to burn fat, lose weight and be healthy. His metabolic typing assessment helps you figure out whether you are:

Protein Type - Typically has a strong appetite, craves fatty salty foods, fails on low calorie diets, tends to get fatigued, anxious, nervous. Does better on a mix of 40 % protein 30% fat 30% carbs.

Carb Type - Typically has a weak appetite, has high tolerance for sweets, caffeine dependent, variable energy patterns, has type A tendencies, has trouble maintaining ideal weight. Does better on a mix of 25% protein 15% fat 60% carbs.

Mixed Type - Typically has an average appetite, craves sweets and carbs, doesn't have trouble maintaining weight, can swing in one direction or the other and experience either fatigue lethargy and depression or hyperactivity, nervousness, and anxiety. Does better on a mix of 30% protein 20% fat 50% carbs.

I took the assessment quiz in 2007 to finally figure out how to burn fat fast by eating the right foods.  But the most surprising thing I learned from taking this quiz is that I am not a protein type and that eating a low carb diet was actually making it harder for me to maintain a lean toned fit body.