how to upgrade your ybff fitness plan

by monica

Love the ybff plan you got but wish you had opted for a plan with more bonuses? I've been asked a few times now and finally came up a with an easy/fair solution for existing customers wanting more ybff circuits.

Instructions for getting an upgrade:

1. Use your receipt to email me or submit a customer service form here on the site letting me know what plan you purchased and what name you used to purchase it. If you used somebody else's paypal account or a business paypal to pay then I would need that name instead i.e. Jane Doe or John Doe or XYZ fitness company etc.

2. Tell me what plan or plans you're wanting to add to your purchase. For example you got the original ybff and wish you had corset core too or you got bodycon and wish you had the ybff and corset core option or you got love your booty a long time ago and want all the other plans now.

3. Wait for a paypal bill from me then pay the difference that I bill you and I will email you the pdf files as soon as I see that payment email come through. *I check my email 1-2 times a day and do not have push but usually reply to any emails within 24 hours.

This upgrade method is the easiest way for everybody to get what they want and I don't have to worry about setting up a bunch of secret buy links for existing customers plus I don't have to give payhip a commission and you can get your pdfs via email instead of having to download with encrypted links.

Thanks to all of you who have requested this option. It really makes me happy that you are using the plans and wanting to progress to more circuits : )

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