how to lose fat without losing my chest or butt?

How do you lose fat without losing your chest or your butt? Seems the more weight and fat you lose the less curvy you get but if you don't lose fat then you just look heavy! Is it even possible to get lean and still maintain your sexy female curves?

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Oct 05, 2012
fatloss vs. sculpting
by: monica

Thanks for posting your question. It's one I get asked online quite often. You're right in saying that losing fat while keeping your sexy female curves is nearly impossible but you can do it.

The trick to losing fat while sculpting a body shape you find sexy is to identify your body type AND then find a workout plan that is going to address your areas of concern.

If you're a natural hourglass then focusing mostly on full body fatloss workouts and a clean diet will burn off the fat and reveal a natural curvy hourglass shape but if you're any of the other body types you MUST find workouts that are going to achieve the right level of body fat for your body plus help you build lean muscle in areas that tend to get flat or lose their fullness.

It's super easy to find generic and free fatloss workouts all over the internet and in magazines but the problem is that too much of this type of training means a flat chest, a flat butt and no waist for anybody who isn't an hourglass which is exactly why so many fitness chics you see online end up having to get implants and then they just look like women with boyish figures and really fake looking chests.

If you want to keep your natural curves but still lose the fat then you need to find a workout plan that is going to help you build up those areas that you want to keep curvy. Plans like Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody or Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, or 6 Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond are a few on a very short list of workout plans that are designed to sculpt a more specific body shape BUT be sure to check testimonials to make sure you get a plan that gets results for your body type.

So the secret is that you need to get busy with a more sophisticated type of workout plan, the kind that celebrities get from their private trainers for thousands of dollars a week. The good news is you don't have to spend that kind of money because the plans I mentioned above are actually quite affordable ($60-$99). My favorite of the ones I listed is Brazil Butt Lift. It's fun and works for all body types. Check out the success story below to learn more. If you need something more affordable you can get my workout plan here: Your BFF Plan.

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