how to eat move and be sexy tips

by monica

Feeling ready to make some improvements to your healthy eating and sexy body moves so you can get even sexier body results? These quick and easy eating and movement tips show you how.

How to move better to get sexier tip: Stick with your plan but as soon as you feel your body adapting try combining complex movements into even more complex moves. The pic above and video here are great examples of this. Both are combo moves from Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan circuits.

Move in pic is squat straddle thrust except you add a jump and combine with multi-directional lunge to really work the core and glutes harder. Move in video is the infamous getup except instead of relying on a rollover to make it more challenging you're combining it with an alternating lunge jump which makes makes it super intense and really works legs booty and corset muscles.

Sexy body move tip: When you combine 6 already complex moves from a circuit you've been doing into 3 super complex movements your body is forced to work much harder especially if you set a time limit for a set number of rounds. Just look at your circuit printout and try combining 2-3 moves into one. You'll end up with fewer moves but your body will work much harder. Geting creative with your exercise combos also keeps your workouts fun and interesting.

How to eat healthier to get sexier tip: It takes a bit of time and effort to shift to healthy eating habits that are right of your body but once you're on track with something that's getting you great results you will probably find that the motivation to keep improving just gets stronger.

This is when you have to start trusting your instincts a bit more. Your body will crave things like more protein or more healthy carbs or more/less fruit and fat based on your training and recovery schedule and usually your instincts are right so don't be afraid to switch things up for a bit to see what happens.

The whey protein blueberry crumble is one way I've satisfied my body's cravings for more protein and more solid meals lately. The result of adding more whey, eggs, and lean meats at dinner has been more booty muscle so I'm glad I'm listening to my body. Remember that it's o.k. to experiment with your eating once in a while. Keeps things interesting and may burn extra fat where you don't need it and pack lean muscle where you want it.

Protein blueberry cobbler recipe: sprinkle lemon juice and 1 tbsp honey or maple syrup on 1 cup berries.

While your berries are soaking mash together 1 scoop whey protein, 2 tbsp raw oats (process into powder if prefer but I didn't), 2 tbsp organic butter or coconut oil. Use a fork or your fingers until it's a coarse consistency then mix in 2 tbsp crushed nuts (any kind you like).

Place berries in baking dish, top with protein mix some cinnamon and top with tiny bit of extra coconut oil or butter if you need some extra fat for your booty building. Bake for 15 min. Tastes great plain or with creamy chia banana pudding on top.

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