How much weight to use to build your curvy sexy booty

by monica

butt workout tip for cones and rulers

butt workout tip for cones and rulers

I was curious about a booty muscle building theory I read about last month that using more weight for certain butt exercises would build a bigger booty. This theory belongs to some male trainer of course who is not really worth mentioning and I was right to be skeptical about his "theory" but I like to experiment with exercise so I tried his booty training tips.

For the last 4 weeks I doubled and tripled the weight on many of my butt exercises and want to know what happened? I lost weight and fat mostly from my ribcage and butt which is why I'm wearing a size 0 in pants as of last week and my bra strap has a big gap in the back.

So if you're a ruler or cone there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to using more weight for building bigger glutes. What I mean by that is that adding A LOT more weight to your butt exercises is not necessary to build a round firm curvy sexy booty. When I was using less weight (8-10 lb db or just thera-bands or no weight at all) for my butt workouts my butt was actually bigger rounder and curvier than it is now. So why is that?

The glutes are the largest muscle in the body and using more weight with your butt exercises burns more fat and calories when you train and after your workouts too so if you are a ruler or cone body type then using A LOT more weight = more calorie and fat burning and less curves not more curves - and by a lot of weight I mean 15-20 lb dumbbells or 45 lb barbell or 20 lb sandbag instead of 10 lb sandbag.)

So based on my experiment results, moderate weight works better for rulers and cones who are trying to look more curvy because moderate weight allows you to train the butt muscle hard without burning off all your bodyfat. You need upper athlete range bodyfat for a curvy less athletic look. Need help with weight recommendations? Check out my ebook Love Your Booty Butt Makeover Plan

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