how many workouts and is there videos

by Kayra

How many workouts do you get with the big package that includes all 4 plans? Are some of the wokrouts in some plans same as in other plans? Is there video for these?

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ybff plans have so many circuits and videos
by: Monica

Hi Kayra thank you for asking this question. I know my workout plan descriptions do not do justice to the number of workouts and videos you get access to when you get the big package.

Here is a breakdown for you:
YBFF plan has 9 workouts with at least 3 variations each + warmup and cool down circuits as well. All the main workouts have videos the cardio options don't need them.

Love Your Booty has 9 workouts with 3 variations each including warmup and stretch and they all have videos

Corset Core has 9 workouts with 2-3 variations each plus 5 corset core tests that are also a combined workout and they all have videos

Bodycon Fitness has 16 workouts all with 9 interval options so in reality it's 144 workout options and most of these have video

In addition to all this the big package comes with 2 additional bonus workout plans that also have their own set of workouts with various options so the answer is LOTS OF WORKOUTS! :) You get a lot when you buy the big package and often you get added freebies thru fb groups etc.

There are other package options which have different plans + bonuses but this one and Corset Core packs are probably the best value considering you're paying less than my clients pay per hour of training with me.

It's like having a year of my killer circuits that you can do anytime anywhere and if you have questions I'm always here or on social to help :)

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