How can I trim my midsection

Hi I'm wondering what shape am I and how I can reduce my back fat (mid area ) . Please Lmk your thoughts

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Mar 11, 2015
hourglass weight loss
by: monica

Thanks for posting your question and including a pic. Your body type is the much coveted hourglass : ) Even with just a backside pic you can see there is a sharp indentation at your natural waist which is just a few inches below your bikini top strings.

The only way to trim your mid section in your case is to lose enough fat that your bodyfat is lower end of fitness range.

You are lucky to have an hourglass figure because you can focus on fatloss workouts and not worry much about body type training like rulers and cones and triangles do.

As the bodyfat comes down you will lose torso fat and that small waist that's hidden right now will become more and more visible.

The best workouts for fat burning are all the metcon circuits in bodycon female fitness plan. That plan is designed to strip the fat off your body fast and since you have a natural hourglass figure you wouldn't have to worry at all about losing your natural curves like other body types do.

If you prefer a more balanced plan that tightens and tones other areas of your body on days when you're not doing metcon then your best female figure plan would be a great routine for you.

Either way based on your pic I would estimate that it would take 3-4 months to get your bodyfat down to low end fitness range especially if you follow the eating guidelines that come with all my fitness plans 100% effort with training and 100% effort with healthy eating combined is the trick to getting a body that makes you happy quickly and forever.

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