how can I shrink my waist do I have to lose more weight?

by michelle

I'm 5'3 weighing in at 118 lbs. I think I'm pretty thin and I actually like my weight but I can't get my waist to shrink at all! My measurements are 34B-27-38 and I would like to lose an inch or two off my waist. What do I have to do to shrink my waist? Do I have to lose more weight?

I'm fine with my body except my lower abs and waist/love handles...I wanted it have more of a defined curve! Some people tell me it's impossible to have a thinner waist because this is how my body is structured.

have a bit of love handles that need to be toned right? How can I get rid of them and how to have toned lower abs? I run a mile and I do weight training. I try to watch what I eat by eliminating junk food, fried food, sweets, and fast food. I try to cook myself so I know what goes into my meals and because I can add a variety of vegetables, fruits, or anything that I think would be healthier. I eat lean meat like turkey, chicken breast, extra lean beef and whole grains.

I don't want to lose too much weight. I think maybe I have to lose some fat to have my abs more defined...5 lbs?

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Sep 19, 2013
rectangle body type weight loss for hourglass figure
by: monica

You don't have to lose more weight but weight loss and fat loss sometimes do happen automatically when you start training right for your unique body type.

Like you I didn't think I needed to lose weight or that I could get my waist lower than 27" because I had a more athletic build due to 28 years of consistent exercise and I also have a rectangle body type so a defined curvy waist has never been easy for me to achieve.

But when I started back up with more intense workouts after being injured for a year my waist went from 29" to 26" and my weight went from 120 lb to 115 lb. I was doing Brazil Butt Lift at the time then I switched to my own butt workout plan featured here on the site and got my waist down to 25" and I lost another 5 lb without really changing my other habits very much. So now I have a 25" waist (some weeks it actually gets slightly below 25") and I weigh 110 lb (I'm 5'3 and 3/4 so not much taller than you).

I have been eating healthy and drinking green smoothies for breakfast daily for a very long time now so the loss of inches and weight was mainly due to training smarter and training right for my body type: lots of booty work and a limited amount of fatloss training plus a limited amount of corset core exercises.

I was actually shocked I got down to 110 lb but I like the way my body looks a whole lot more now. Having a smaller waist and weighing less makes my chest look bigger than it is and my butt look curvier than it is which is very hard for a rectangle body type like mine to accomplish without having to lift super heavy weight and do steroids like most of those figure chics do.

I tried lifting super heavy a long time ago and all that did was make me look more rectangular than I am so losing weight may not be something you think you want or need but if you train right for your body type and it just happens naturally then you might like the shape of your body a lot better.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions be sure to post them right here on this blog post.

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