how can I define and make waist look smaller on rectangle body type?

by Martha Johnston

I'm a pretty athletic girl, I have toned legs, broad shoulders and hips but my waist is not at all defined nor sexy. I know I can't change my body type completely because of my bone structure and genetics but could you please tell me some tips on how to make my waist look a bit smaller and defined?

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Jul 21, 2015
rectangle vs. triangle body type question
by: monica

Hi Martha,

Thank you for posting your question. I noticed that you posted it twice one with rectangle in the title the other with triangle. Could not figure out which of those was the intended question so wondering if you could let me know if you are rectangle or triangle? If you could include height weight and measurements that would be even more helpful :)

But just in case you don't reply the answer are quite different. If you're a triangle with a thick waist then the issue can be caused by a variety of things including caloric intake and training style. Basically if you are a true triangle that means you have a naturally defined waist but if you eat wrong and train wrong your waist can fill out just like any of the other body types. I've trained plenty of clients who were natural hourglass or triangle types who carried plenty of fat around the middle due to too many of the wrong calories and/or not enough lower body focused hiit. Somehow I suspect this is not the case for you but let me know if it is.

If you are a ruler like me and the hundreds of women who frequent this site then the issue is easier to fix than you think:

#1 Limit your core and upper body training to 1 day a week. Focus on balancing the body parts not on trouble zone training. This is especially important if you're a ruler with cone upper body tendencies like me and many others that visit here.

#2 Spend more of your weekly workout time on building up the lower body and on total body workouts. Remember the more you train an area the bigger it gets so more core = bigger core which is generally not good for rulers or cones. More butt + limited core and upper body = smaller looking waist.

#3 Find the right frequency of total body fatloss workouts. That could be anywhere from 1-2 x per week if you're at or close to your ideal weight/bodyfat or slightly more if you're overweight. Once you reach your preferred weight/bodyfat the fatloss training needs to taper way down. I rarely do fatloss more than once a week. Some months I don't do it at all (triangles and hourglass types can't afford to be this negligent of metcon, kinda sucks for them having to hiit it hard all the time but hey all body types have pros and cons!)

#4. Eat right for your metabolic type so your body doesn't store fat where it shouldn't.

If you need more tips and help be sure to get started with the basic ybff fitness plan. All ybff plans (except bodycon) comes with body type blueprints that you can follow and learn to customize to your body type so you can workout in a way that gets you the shape you want.

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