hourglass workout tips that work for non - hourglass shape women

Are you a cone, ruler, or pyramid body type who's finding it difficult to sculpt curvy hourglass curves on your unique body type?  

If you understand that you can not change your body type without resorting to surgery BUT know that you CAN workout in ways that will get your body type to look more like a figure 8 then you are already half way to your goal!  Now all you need are 5 smart training tips to get the sexy body results you desire.

hourglass workout strategy #1:  decide on your sexy weight and bodyfat & always train to reach or maintain it

There is a common misconception in fitness that the more fat you lose the better you look but that only applies if you're trying to get a ripped muscular body.  If your goal is a toned curvy figure then you need to find your ideal bodyfat range and train to stay within that range.  This requires paying attention to how your body responds to HIIT or fat burning exercise frequency.  This may sound complicated but is easy to figure out when you stick with a structured plan that allows you to adjust the types of fat burning exercises and frequency of fat burning workouts too.  

For example in the video here I'm showing several versions of 2 dynamic total body exercises that burn fat plus focus on the waist and booty.  Some versions of each exercise burn more fat while others are better for lean muscle strength and toning.   Knowing how your body reacts to more metabolic exercises means you can adjust workouts as you go based on how your body responds to the workout blueprint for your body type.  This way you don't end up losing too much fat and looking overly muscular vs. curvy.  **Body type workout blueprints are available with all plans at YBFF.

hourglass workout strategy #2:  skip trendy diets that sabotage your female hormones & adapt eating to your figure

Every year or decade some new diet fad or trend emerges that wreaks havoc on women's hormones.  Right now the big fad is the primal diet which many women are discovering increases stress hormones which in turn makes getting lean toned and sexy impossible.

The problem with diet fads like primal or Atkins or raw vegan is the lack of flexibility.  These diets impose strict rules that only work for certain metabolic types and they don't show you how to adjust their plans based on your unique metabolic needs.

The worst thing about fad diets is they make you feel like you're a failure when it's the diet that fails to work for your body.  If you like many of my clients are ready to give up fad diets and focus on healthy foods instead then be sure to start with metabolic typing first then when you find your ideal mix of fuels try being a flexitarian with your eating.

Sticking with a flexible healthy eating approach allows you to customize your eating as you progress along your health and fitness journey.  This is very important since your needs WILL change continuously as you get healthier fitter leaner.  Being flexible and adaptable also gets you results faster and ends the obsessive compulsive dieting drama.


hourglass workout strategy #3:  know how training affects your curves (chest & booty) & adjust to enhance your body

If you're noticing a theme with these tips then you're right and the reason for the emphasis on customizing everything from your eating to your exercises to your workouts is RESULTS!  Your body is constantly changing so paying attention to how your body adapts to everything is key to reaching your hourglass workout goals.

How your lady lumps respond to metabolic training or core booty workout frequency clues you in to how to adapt both your exercise choices and the types of workouts you do each week.  This is the reason all the blueprints provided in the fitness plans at YBFF are 100% adjustable to how your body is responding.  

This does require some thinking on your part but isn't that the point of fitness, to learn how to exercise in a way that is 100% beneficial to your body so you can get and maintain a lean toned sexy curvy body for life?

For example in the video here I shared some of the best exercises for bigger breasts naturally but this doesn't mean I do this routine all the time.  My body actually adapted to this circuit ages ago but not to all the exercises so some months I switch out some of the exercises in other circuits for some of these moves so that I can continue to enhance my chest as I carve out a smaller waist and maintain the booty I have.  

Remember that fitness isn't about doing what gets other fitness chics results.  It's about getting to know your body and finding the best workout strategy for YOUR unique body so that you can reach your best figure quickly and permanently.

hourglass workout strategy #4: avoid advice from experts who don't have the hourglass body shape you desire

It's trendy right now to get workout advice from fitness obsessed women who claim to have an hourglass body but in reality are just muscular girls with chest implants.  

Unless you plan on getting implants, abusing steroids and going to the gym for 1 hour twice a day then you really have to avoid all their advice.

Even those fit chics on youtube who claim to train at home for just 20 min. a day with bodyweight often give the wrong advice because their tips focus only on reaching ultra low bodyfat and maximum muscle which results in a thick square ripped torso instead of the feminine hourglass body you desire.

You don't need all that hardcore training advice and fitspiration because the reality is that a female CAN sculpt a figure that is lean toned fit and strong without much visible muscle but with plenty of visible curves like famous pinup model Mosh who exercises consistently for pinup lingerie photo shoots and on powerlifter Marilou Dozois...

strong can come in a skinny body with hardly any visible muscle & tiny waist...

You can be very strong fit lean toned and not that muscular.   The video below of a 105 lb female powerlifting 167 lb  illustrates this beautifully!

Marilou Dozois-Prévost is a Canadian weightlifter
Born: May 11, 1986  
Height: 5' 2" (160 cm)
Weight: 105.8 lbs (48 kg)

She's lifting 167 lb (76kg) in this video and won a silver medal in the women's 48 kg  division at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. She finished in 10th place on the 48 kg event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She won the gold medal at the Commonwealth game in New-Delhi in 2010.  

This shatters the whole skinny isn't strong fit or sexy "fitspiration" you hear fitness chics blabbing about all the time.  Most fitness chic who recommend more strength more muscle and more fatloss really are not in tune with smart training or with the hourglass goals that most normal women have so it really is in your best interest to avoid all their tips.  Instead learn to train smarter and focus on what IS going to get your body the feminine hourglass body workout results you desire.

hourglass workout strategy #5: get on a smart body type fitness plan and stay focused for at least 4-6 weeks.

If you're signed up for YBFF newsletter then you got a copy of the bombshell body challenge which is a basic plan for sculpting a sexy curvy hourglass figure.  But even though this challenge is great for jump starting your hourglass body results it doesn't offer a specific blueprint for each body type so it has limitations just like every other body challenge available for free all over the internet.  

If you want better results from ANY fitness plan then your best bet is to get started with something that provides a specific hourglass workout blueprint for your body type so that you can train right for your hourglass body goals.

This is similar to getting the right dress for your body shape.  While it's possible for you to fit into any dress, some dress styles will fit your body shape better and if you want to look your best then you have to get the dress that looks best on your body shape just like you have to get on the workout blueprint that fits your body best.