Hourglass Waist Plan + YBFF Plan & 14 more bonuses...

the simple way to train smarter to get your best figure for a fraction of:

personal training sessions with quality trainer at $65 per hour with minimum 12-24 sessions paid up front

hardcore fitness bootcamp or crossfit groups at $200 per month run by amateur trainers who inflict pain injury and humilitation

gym membership for $20 per month with no guidance & useless machines made for bulking not sculpting a sexy female figure

12 set dvd workout plan like P90X or Insanity for $120 that do not correct imbalances or show you how to progress your workouts 

Here's what Hourglass Waist plan includes to help you Shed The Fat, Flatten Your Abs, Shrink Your Waist, Firm Your Booty & Get Your Fit Toned Sexy Female Figure...

90 page ebook packed with dozens exercises and exercise modifications combined into an 8 week workout plan designed to burn the fat, flatten your abs, and shrink your waist from the inside out

4 body type workout schedules so you can customize workouts to your unique body type for faster results

workout videos and pics of all exercise with detailed exercise descriptions and simple modifications for all levels 

quick mobility/flexibility routines plus functional core tests and workout to speed up flat abs slim waist results

41 page hourglass figure waist eating blueprint including 32 simple superfoods meal recipes, meal plan and eating tips  that will detox your body, speed up fat burning and help you get your sexy body faster

You also get 17 total bonuses including...

  1. Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton
  2. Kill Your Cellulite by Joey Atlas
  3. Lose Belly Fat Fast- plus 4 additional bonuses inside
  4. YBFF workout plan - plus 6 additional bonuses inside
  5. YBFF fatloss guide 
  6. YBFF success tips 
  7. Bodycon Female Fitness plan

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Your Best Female Figure Plan & All It's Bonuses is $21.99 but for Just $8 More You Get YBFF Plan plus Corset Core Hourglass Waist & 14 Bonuses

Your BFF Plan - 56 pages of fat burning strength and toning exercises combined into time efficient circuits plus videos of all the circuits and monthly workout schedule that you can customize to your unique body type.

Your BFF Success Tips - 36 pages of practical tips to help you overcome obstacles and get your best figure in a way that is enjoyable and stress free.

Your BFF Fatloss Meals - 74 pages of simple healthy recipes, sample meal plan, and tons of healthy eating tips that work for real women 

Inside one of these guides you'll also find links to these 6 bonuses:

1.  Turbulence Training 10 Minute Holiday Workouts

2.  Turbulence Training Hot Zone Fat Loss Workout

3.  Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body

4.  Exposed! The Biggest Lies and Myths of Weight Loss

5.   17 Potent Tips for Removing Unwanted Fat from Your Belly Butt Hips & Thighs

6.  Bathing Suit Crash Course: 13 Simple Strategies for Looking Great this Summer

PLUS Bodycon female fitness plan is a high intensity fatloss workouts plan that gets the fat and weight off your body fast and forever.

It sells on my other site for $32.50 but when you buy Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan you get it for free!

This 3-6 month plan includes exercises and circuits that are similar to Corset Core but the interval protocols are completely different and designed strictly for accelerated fat burning and weight loss.

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Tired of Torturing & Fighting Your Body & Ready to Get Fit Healthy and Naturally Sexy Fast then Get Started with Hourglass Waist plan this week...

Not only is corset core based on scientific core principles that the top holistic fitness & health experts teach it's customizable to your unique body type so you can get your sexy body even faster. 

If you're sick and tired of hiding your body under clothes or making excuses about why your hardcore workouts are not working then training smarter is really the only choice you have for getting the body you want

When You Start Training Smarter You Will No Longer Have to Worry About:

  • "why all that muscle under your thick layer of fat isn't burning off or...
  • "why you are so unmotivated to exercise because your body never changes" or...
  • "why you can't lose the fat or the inches even though you exercise as hard as you can" or..
  • "why your abs still look flabby poochy or saggy even though you work them with hardcore workouts...

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All Those Annoying Trouble Zones That Make You Feel Terrible Will Finally Be Toned & Sexy Plus You'll Get Additional Benefits Including:

  • look great NAKED & IN your clothes and fit comfortably into ANY clothes without annoying bulges
  • have better self esteem, overall confidence,  and better body image for daily living
  • look and feel as strong, fit,  healthy and SEXY as you really are from your time spent exercising

Get started this week and not only will you finally SEE your body transform from day 1 but you will feel the difference in the way your clothes fit, in the way you move and especially in the way you feel because you finally have body confidence and a positive body image you've always wanted.

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