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While many women believe that genetics are 100% responsible for body shape, new research findings show that it's lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, activity levels, stress, attitude) that really determine how your genetics express themselves.  

Multiple studies on genetics and body type have found that exercise, lifestyle and eating habits influence body shape dramatically.  For example factors that are learned and not genetic include:  food choices, portion control, as well as comfort eating and disordered eating.  All those things factor into how your genetics will express themselves through body shape and you have 100% control over them.

So just because you weren't born with hourglass curves doesn't mean you can't slim your waist with hourglass eating to get a more curvy figure.  

hourglass diet tip:  eat according to your metabolic type

Ever notice how some women seem to be able to eat tons of carbs or lots of fat or whatever they want and they don't gain weight or fat while others have to try harder to maintain a healthy weight and fit looking body?  Everybody has different genetics that require a different fuel mix for optimum health as well as optimum body shape.  

So when you eat in a way that does not benefit your genetics your body lets you know that you're eating wrong by losing muscle and packing fat where you are genetically predisposed to gain fat (the belly, back, butt, thighs or arms).   This is why it's essential that you know your metabolic type and eat according to your type most of the time.

For example a cereal breakfast would be a disaster for a protein type while an eggs and steak meal would be a nightmare for a carb type but spicy lean ground turkey with quinoa and salad can actually work for all types but fine tuning the portion of meat, carbs and fat according to your type is what will determine how lean fit and curvy you appear.  

hourglass diet tip:  keep it simple & sensible

As Confucius said "Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated"  especially when it comes to eating for an hourglass body.  I've worked with hundreds of women over the years who felt they had to jump through diet hoops to be lean toned and sexy.  

Even I struggled on strict and complex eating regimens for years before I created a simple hourglass diet that makes losing bodyfat, slimming your waist AND building lean sexy muscle on the booty easier.  

The truth is you don't have to obsess over calories or macro-nutrient percentages or meals per day or meal timing.  Those are all distractions to the only 3 factors that count when it comes to eating for a lean toned sexy body:  quality, portions, bio-compatability.   Once you understand those 3 simple factors, making sensible meals is simple and so effective for body makeover results.  The pics here show examples of hourglass diet meals that are quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious.

hourglass diet tip:  enjoy your 20% cheat without guilt!

One of the biggest reasons that women fail to stay consistent with a healthy eating plan is that most fad diets are too strict and leave no room for error or fun or adaptability.  A healthy eating plan that works long term is flexible, adaptable, and also enjoyable which means you can still enjoy meals and foods that are not 100% healthy in moderation.

In the pics here you can see an example of 80/20 meals that I feature in my hourglass diet plan.  Eating 80% healthy meals allows you to have foods that may not be optimal for your body type 20% of the time while still getting great body makeover results.  The reason this works so well is that it teaches you how to go off track with healthy habits -which most women do anyway.  The difference is you learn how to do it in moderation.

genetics exercise & body shape

According to research findings women in their 30s and 40s who played sports in school don't have the same shape as their mothers who hardly exercised because they have lean muscle and higher testosterone levels from sports training.  

What's more interesting about this study is that some of those women with hourglass figure mothers did not have the small waists their mother's had because of those higher testosterone levels.   This study emphasizes how important it is to get on the right hourglass workout routine for your body so that you can build sexy curves instead of a bulked up core.