Hourglass Body Type Diet & Exercise Tips for Women of All Body Types

"The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison"  Ann Wigmore.  The right foods can also help you sculpt a lean toned sexy body with hourglass body type curves easily while the wrong foods will thicken your waist, bloat your stomach, make you feel exhausted, depressed and unmotivated plus ruin your hair, skin, and body image too! 

Food and exercise are in fact even more powerful than drugs which is why food companies spend millions if not billions researching ways to get you to eat more of their highly processed frankenfoods that have very little nutritional value and that your body can't digest.  When your body perceives highly processed foods that it can not digest (including diet foods and diet supplements) as toxins and it surrounds them with fat (typically nasty belly fat) to protect your body.  This is why it's so difficult to lose stubborn belly fat.  

But eating the right foods improves your health, helps your body detox daily and makes getting your best female figure a cinch (pun totally intended).  The issue with healthy eating is that it often takes a back seat to hardcore training and stress which is why women struggle to achieve the sexy body they desire.

High stress levels from a variety of causes can prevent you from sculpting more hourglass body type curves...

According to various anthropologists the sexy hourglass body type is headed for extinction and even though the articles quoting all these researchers are mainly written for entertainment the reality is they are correct.

The female body today has to endure a ton of stress, sleep deprivation, a nutritionally deficient diet, sedentary work that ruins the posture, PLUS punishing workout regimens that encourage you to train like a man otherwise you're not considered fit.  So of course the result is a more bulky torso and rectangular type physique that looks more boyish than ever.  The best way to fix this is to reduce the stress.

Even if you're not a natural hourglass body type you CAN get more sexy hourglass body type curves with these 3 tips:

If your goal is to sculpt what I like to call a vintage body (fit healthy toned and more naturally curvy) then you have to reduce all the stress on the body.  One of the best ways to minimize stress is to eat better and train smarter not harder.  Here's a few simple tips to help you get started:

1.  Start your day with a detoxing green superfoods smoothie like the banana cherry chia arugula green superfoods smoothie in pic here.  Tastes great, detoxes your body, improves digestion and provides a ton of nutrients your body needs to get sexy female curves.

2.  Eat like a pauper all day then eat like a queen at night (like meals in pic:  green smothie, veggie wrap & salad, green tea mocha protein drink, grilled chicken roasted potatoes and carrots & salad).  Yes, this is the opposite of what you hear all over the place from the food pushers that want you to graze all day like a cow but the reality is  that humans are not designed to constantly feed and more importantly "humans are inherently nocturnal eaters." explains Ori Hofmekler, Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat:  The Secret Behind Physical Transformation. 

According to Hofmekler,   "The evidence for that is in your nervous system.  Your autonomic nervous system regulates your circadian clock, and all your actions throughout the day and night are controlled by that system, including the way you were designed to eat.  Your autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts.  The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that regulates your activities during the day.  The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) regulates your activities during the night. 

During the day, your SNS promotes energy expenditure and fat burning. It keeps you alert, focused and ready for action but this system cannot tolerate large meals.  Every time you eat a large full meal, you shut down your sympathetic nervous system and instead, you activate the nightly nervous system, which is your PSNS.  The PSNS makes you sluggish and sleepy. This is why you typically get tired and sleepy after a big lunch and instead of spending energy and burning fat you store fat."

3.  Train smarter and train beautiful dynamic movement patterns.  The body is a complex machine that requires complex dynamic movement in order to function at it's best as well as to look it's best.  More squatting more lunging more pushups and more pullups with more weight more often is NOT the answer to a more sexy body.  More dynamic movement performed with exceptional technique (or what I like to call beautiful movement) is what gets you that beautiful body you desire. 

Try the corset core hourglass waist plan exercises in the  video here to see what I mean by dynamic exercises that shape your best female figure and are also super fun.  The difference between doing these types of exercises and what you see most people doing in the gym will be visible to you within days!

Try to remember that punishing your body all the time is fine if you want that really ripped athletic look but getting a lean toned curvy sexy feminine body naturally requires a smarter more nurturing approach that is actually more enjoyable and sustainable long term.