Why The Hourglass Figure Made huge A Comeback & How To Get a more Hourglass Body Shape & Waist

The hourglass body has made a huge comeback!  

Not only do many women want this body shape but they often get into forum and blog wars over what qualifies as an hourglass figure, who has one, who doesn't, who can get one and how to get it. 

Below you'll discover the top reasons this body type is in the spotlight again, who really qualifies as an hourglass plus the 7 simple steps to get a more hourglass waist or shape.

9 Important Reasons The Hourglass Body Has Made Such A Comeback:

  • Neo burlesque performers like Dita Von Teese, Lou Lou D'Vil, Immodesty Blaize
  • Sex-positive feminists like Sheila Kelley creator of S Factor  (a.k.a. 4th wave feminism)
  • Celebrities with curvy figures:  Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks
  • TV shows that feature sexy confident curvy women: Madmen, Drop Dead Diva, Glee
  • The return of the corset and corset inspired fashion design from Steam Punk to Alexander McQueen to Prada
  • Female who are tired of chronic core dysfunction and bad posture that causes muffin top, poochy abs, protruding abs
  • Females tired of the obesity epidemic, expanding waistlines, unhealthy belly fat and belly fat nicknames like muffin top, constapreg, ab pooch, menopot, etc. 
  • Backlash against the thin obsessed fashion magazine industry that excluded the curvy body shape for so long
  • Backlash against fitness and health obsessed women who shame less muscular women

What Qualifies As An Hourglass Body Shape or "Perfect Hourglass Figure"

One of the biggest myths of the perfect hourglass figure is that it's genetic.  In reality many of the women who had an hourglass figure like Betty Brosmer and Brigitte Bardot (both pictured above) and other famous celebs known for their hourglass shaped bodies achieved that shape with corset waist training or tight lacing.

So you don't need to be born an hourglass body type to qualifty as one.  The only requirement is that your body have some hourglass curves like the hourglass used aboard ships in the 14th century.  There is no need for formulas and measurements or body typing systems especially if you consider the myth of the .7 waist to hip ratio that I addressed in a blog post.   

In fact your actions and lifestyle are more likely to influence your shape than your genetics and the truth is that even females who tight lace or who are genetically blessed with an hourglass body type have trouble maintaining an hourglass shape these days due to our more sedentary lifestyles and our highly processed foods diet.

It is very common these days to see women who had an hourglass figure and now have a rectangular figure.  It's also more common to see the other three body types transform from pyramid, cone or ruler to a more hourglass shape naturally simply because they are willing to increase their activity level and intake of natural foods.

So how do you get a more hourglass shape if that is not your body type?  Achieving a more hourglass figure is simple and requires 7 basic steps:

  1. eat healthy superfoods most of the time
  2. eat adequate calories for your activity level
  3. fix your posture imbalances and restore core function
  4. strengthen your body's natural corset with corset muscle exercises
  5. burn bodyfat with dynamic total body fatloss exercises
  6. sculpt a curvy booty with the best butt workouts for your body type
  7. get the right mindset for a more hourglass shaped body