hourglass figure waist slimming flat abs exercises tips

by monica

Check out 3 killer hourglass waist slimming flat abs exercises from corset core hourglass waist plan. Notice how the knees and shins come off the ball in the half pike. You do this by contracting your deep abs (corset muscles) and upper back NOT by flexing your rectus abdominis (the 6 pack muscles).

If you're going into full pike that transversus contraction upper back connection has to be even stronger or you end up using your hip flexors to pike which creates a horrible posture imbalance that pooches out your abs and thickens your waist like you see on all those dudes on youtube.

BUT before you can do either pike you have to master the basic knee tuck and roll the ball in while keeping the shins on the ball and learning to relax in the ball plank so your corset muscles don't stay in contraction the entire time otherwise the exercise is totally pointless.

This stuff is simple if you take the time to progress through it and once you get all 3 variations you can try the single leg version you've seen me do before, which is how I usually get off the ball in all my videos ha ha.

I explain all this in detail in YBFF plans so you don't have to struggle. There are actually dozens of exercises in every YBFF workout plan and each of those exercises has anywhere from 2-4 variations you can do so there are endless ways to modify the dozens of circuits in YBFF workout plans to get your best body quickly and safely!

What's funny about this video is I filmed this at the gym last night surrounded by all this hardcore workout equipment you see in the background that hardly ever gets used. Trainers are always fighting over suspension trainers, balls, gliding discs, mini bands and floor space for bodyweight exercises because that's the stuff that actually gets results!

Want to know what's even funnier; when I was filming this last night one of the trainers started asking me for pike tips for his clients and this guy has ripped abs AND has been training clients for 17 years (that's 5 years longer than me).

Sad truth is that many trainers don't really get how the core works so they have trouble explaining this stuff to their clients without confusing them which is why I NEVER see them teaching these killer waist slimming flat abs exercises on a ball or discs or on the suspension trainer. They mainly use balls for crunches, BORING! and usually they don't teach those right either.

Hourglass waist plan covers core movement in detail so you WILL eventually be able to do ALL the best waist slimming flat abs exercises for a lean toned sexy hourglass figure for life.

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