hourglass body shape in one week?

How to make your body shape like an hourglass in one week? Is there specific exercises I should do or diet I should eat to lose inches around waist and increase hips and bust?

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Sep 05, 2012
hourglass figure fast
by: Monica

Thanks for posting your question. If you need to carve out some curves fast here's a few things that can make a big difference.

#1. Follow all the tips from the Best Waist Exercise Strategies article. Especially the green smoothie in the morning, the healthy fatloss meals and do the Pilates workout 2-3 times in one week.

#2. In addition to that do the Corset Core Ab Workout below 2-3 times a week (on alternate days). This workout is from my ebook Your Best Female Figure and gets amazing results quickly.

#3. Do 10-15 minutes of high intensity cardio after every workout you do. Jump rope is a great option or walk/sprint or do uphill walking at a very fast pace outdoors or on treadmill.

#4. Eat slightly less than you have been and drink 64 oz water per day and no other beverages of any kind except black coffee or plain tea if you can't live without caffeine.

#5. Get some extra help from an hourglass figure dress like the ones in the pic below. These are everywhere this season so should be easy to find one. I think ASOS has one for $75. You can also check out my Pinterest board Create The Perfect Hourglass Figure for more dress ideas.

Hourglass Dresses

Jul 27, 2014
hope it will work out because i really need to slim down
by: fabulous

i have this wedding coming up within 2 weeks and i am maid of honor so yeah..........i am always busy because my sister she everything to be PERFECT and so when ever i return to my room all i want to do is to take a nap..........but whenever i look at the mirror and i see myself i feel like crying cause ALL I CAN SEE IS A FAT GIRL!!!!!!! i really need to slim down

Aug 11, 2014
by: berry

I think this site is very informative and the tips are easy for a newbie to follow :)

Jan 24, 2015
by: Anonymous


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