hot for the holidays eating and workout tips

by monica

Holiday weight gain doesn't have to be another unwanted gift you get this holiday. The 5 tips to start following now that work to keep or get your hot body for the holidays are simple...

It starts out innocently with a few handfuls of minis of your favorite candy the days leading up to Halloween then you let loose at a few Halloween events and indulge in some decadent eats and drinks. A few weeks later Thanksgiving rolls around and you pig out for 4 days straight on more decadent holiday food and booze.

By the time December rolls around you're eating Christmas cookies by the dozen on a weekly basis so by New Year's Eve you've got muffin top, Santa belly, back and arm fat, plus thigh and butt flab (maybe even some cellulite). There's no way you're wearing anything sexy for that New Year's Eve bash or starting out the year feeling good about your body either but it doesn't have to be that way!

Holiday weight gain doesn't happen overnight especially if you have a smart plan to combat the barrage of decadent eats, a time crunched schedule and high stress levels. Here's 5 ways we manage to do that in our house every year:

1. Start calorie depletion A.S.A.P. - Calorie depletion doesn't mean cutting calorie to a bare minimum. It's trainer terminology for cutting all junk calories out of your diet for many weeks so that you have some room to cheat on special days. So instead of following the 80% clean food rule daily or weekly you follow it monthly. That means NO unhealthy foods except on holidays; you only get to eat decadent foods on special occasions not the days before or after. This alone is enough for many women to keep the holiday pounds off for life!

2. Quick fix your workout plan - Instead of trying to fit in longer workouts and then skipping exercise all together when you can't try switching to quick workouts several times a day. Try to squeeze in 15-30 min. in the morning 15-30 min. at lunch 15-30 min. before dinner. Splitting up your circuits like this is a nice change of pace and can also help you stay on track with your healthy eating because quick intense exercise curbs appetite. This burns the same number of calories and fat as a longer workout session too.

3. Earn it don't burn it - Pigging out then trying to burn it off is pointless since that isn't how your body is designed to use calories. The best way to plan for a cheat or decadent meal is to earn it with an intense workout. Your body will then use the calories to repair and replenish and if you do overeat you will end up storing less fat. Train short and intense the days leading up to a holiday and the day of a holiday then long and moderate the day after. This is the best way to use up excess not so clean calories.

4. Relieve stress the smart way - It's tempting enough to drink and eat too much when the food is good but add those annoying relatives or acquaintances you don't see all year that push your buttons and it's like somebody turns on the emotional eating button for some women. Best strategy for this is a quick 20 min. yoga practice before you attend functions. Keeps you from losing it and eating an entire pie when social situations get uncomfortable.

5. Plan to look HOT for the holidays - If you plan to look good for your end of the year festivities then you are more likely to stick to your workout plan and your healthy eating habits during the holidays. Get sexy Christmas lingerie or buy that New Year's Eve dress NOW and plan to fit into it by Dec. 31 and you won't be like all the typical gym goers on New Year's day with their flabby bodies and desperate resolutions.

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Nov 15, 2013
by: cupcake

Just wanted to say your 5 step plan rocks! I love the fact you are not insisting we live off of 900 calorie diets but instead approach the holidays with a smart and doable plan that allows us to enjoy the holiday and still look and feel awesome.

Thank you~*~*~

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