hot chocolate exercise motivation fit for a goddess

by monica

Yes it's true, sometimes exercise motivation comes in the form of a hot chocolate drink called yerba mate chocolatte otherwise known as "the drink of the gods". Improved digestion and respiratory function, energy boost and mental clarity are just some of the benefits of this rainforest superfood that also provides 24 vitamins and minerals 15 amino acids and antioxidants too.

As many of you know from previous chocolate recipes that i've posted on the site, fb, instagram, I am a chocoholic (the healthy kind). I do indulge in the occasional processed chocolate treat but most of the time I prefer healthier chocolate treats because of how amazing chocolate superfoods make me feel and how much better they make me look.

Today is the perfect example of how I could have just indulged in an unhealthy chocolate drink at Starbucks. It's raining grey and cold outside and Starbucks is on my way home from dropping off my son at school but the thing is I know how drinking a highly processed drink makes me feel afterwards: heavy bloated tired and unmotivated to do anything.

So instead I chose to come home and make the healthy hot chocolate version and flood my body with feel good endorphins and energy that I'll be using to film tomorrow's vlogmas. Now if you've never tried yerba mate chocolatte then I suggest you just try it on it's own the first so you can get used to the flavor. It tastes nothing like processed chocolate and if you're taste buds are not used to this type of superfood it takes some getting used to.

If you're already a superfood foodie like me then feel free to try my hot chocolate protein recipe pictured here. It's quick and simple but there is one secret trick to follow to make it work:

yerba mate hot chocolate protein drink recipe:

1. steep yerba mate tea bag in boiling water for 5 min.
2. mix 2-3 heaping teaspoons of chocolate protein powder with very little boiling water and stir until it turns into runny paste as pictured above *add cinnamon and clove powder if you want a more interesting taste
3. discard tea bag and slowly pour hot tea into protein powder mixture stirring to make sure the protein doesn't clump
4. reheat in microwave for 30 sec. and enjoy

I'm thinking this may taste better with hemp protein powder which I will be trying for the first time very soon but like I mentioned before this healthy hot chocolate tastes nothing like sugary processed hot chocolate that makes you feel all cozy.

This protein hot chocolate tastes more like herbal tea and makes you feel like trail running up steep hill then doing squat thrusts at the top to celebrate. It's called the drink of the gods for good reason! Enjoy responsibly ha ha.

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