quick home cardio exercises for women to burn fat & sculpt sexy female curves

Need to burn fat to enhance those sexy female curves but don't have time for long walks, long runs, lengthy cardio dvds, time consuming gym cardio classes or expensive space and time hogging cardio machines?   If what you want is a lean toned body with sexy curves then not having time or a cardio machine budget actually works in your favor!  

quick home cardio exercises blast the fat faster!

There are stacks of research about how quick high intensity intervals rule when it comes to burning more fat faster.  The other benefit of quick high intensity cardio is that it doesn't cannibalize your hard earned muscle like long duration slow to moderate cardio can.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy all forms of cardio it just means that quick intense home cardio exercises are really great when you don't have time, need to burn more fat fast & want to keep those sexy booty curves you work so hard to build. Get started with any of the options below.  

quick intense home cardio exercises & options

Let's start with 2 basic simple options.  You can pick a complex bodyweight exercise like any of the ones pictured here and do the 4 min. tabata protocol with one or both then rest for a minute and repeat for 9 min. of killer cardio after an upper body or core circuit. 

You could also use choose two simple but intense exercises like the ones in the instagram video here for a  continuous work superset.  Just perform each move for 45 seconds back to back and repeat for 6-8 minutes of continuous fat burning cardio.  

You can also do what I like to call random intervals of a high intensity exercise like mega ball getup lunge jump or suspension trainer row jump featured at the end of my freestyle fitness youtube video.  

All you have to do is just go as long as you can with good technique then when you need a rest take a short 10-15 sec. break then keep going for 5-10 minutes taking short breaks when you need them.  You can even vary the exercise a bit like I'm doing at the end of freestyle fitness video.

I actually filmed an entire cardio circuit with straps when I first got them.   It was one of my most popular videos on my old site and got watched a lot by bootcamp trainers looking for exercise ideas for their classes.  The circuit is great for beginner or intermediates and mixes cardio moves with strength moves.   

Of course you can always keep it simple by adding jump rope intervals at the end of each circuit or group of circuits as I explain in my fatloss fitness plan.  You can try any of the options above with a jump rope including tabatas, continuous work or random intervals and they will boost your post workout burn plus improve core stability and coordination too.

So if quick intense cardio is so great why are you always posting your walks on fb?

So if quick intense cardio rules for more faster fatloss and a sexy female figure why do I post so many of my moderate long duration walks/hikes on facebook?  1.  I'm not trying to lose weight or fat anymore so for me hiit cardio isn't a priority anymore.  In fact too much hitt for me = flat butt and no boobs so I do hiit in moderation  2.  I really enjoy walking and hiking.  The fact that it adds to my daily calories burned is a bonus.   3.  It's my social time.  In high school  my best friend and I walked to talk about boys.  In college my bff and I walked to photograph landscapes.  Now I walk with my man to relax and talk about our day or our kids.

So walking isn't just exercise for me.  It provides tons of stress relief and quality time with my friends or family plus fresh air, vitamin D and sometimes a bit of adventure.  But don't get me wrong and think I'm saying that walking isn't a great exercise for weight loss and fat loss.  It CAN work for that too IF you have a lot of time for it.  

I personally love going on a 9 mile walk at a moderate pace or on an adventure hike even though both can take many hours.  If you enjoy these activities like I do then do them when you have the time and focus on the options above on days when you don't.  

As I mentioned in my best cardio routine article ALL forms of cardio are good for you.  It's really about finding a good balance between what works for your goal, lifestyle, preferences and overall well being.