10 Simple Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain, Burn Fat, Get Fit & Get Sexy

There are many strategies to prevent holiday weight gain but if you're also looking to burn more fat, get fitter and sexier this holiday season so you can start next year off with a vavavoom body, be sure to stick with the simple and effective holiday fitness tips.

Get started with the 10 holiday fitness tips below: 5 healthy eating tips, 3 workout tips plus 2 stress reductions tips.

Holiday Weight Gain Prevention Workout Tips

Switch To A Quick Exercise Plan - No time for time consuming workouts? Trying to stick with longer workout sessions when you're busy can be frustrating and can lead to many skipped workouts and even less calories burned. Try switching to a quick workout plan for the holidays that includes 20-25 minutes of daily fat burning exercises. Be sure the plan includes exercises that are demanding and work multiple muscle groups so you burn just as much calories and fat as you would with an hour of less intense toning or moderate intensity cardio.   Get started with my hot for the holidays playlist below.  All videos quick and provide time efficient effective fat burning strengthening toning and stress relief exercise.

Indulge In Daily Metabolic Training - The holidays tend to get super hectic and busy for many women so why add to the stress by doing hour long cardio sessions that only burn a few measly calories.

The best type of workout when you’re busy, stressed, and trying to prevent weight gain, are quick metabolic workouts that elevate fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours. Not only will this help your body burn more calories and fat daily but will save you tons of time too.

Use Active Recovery to Reduce or Manage Stress - The holidays always seem to bring out the best and the worst in people and never knowing what to expect from family, friends, and co-workers is incredibly stressful which often causes women and men to turn to food or other bad habits that lead to weight gain. Instead of relying on stress "relief" that only make the problem worst (alcohol, sugar, etc.) why not use active recovery to manage stress.

Make a list of 10-15 activities that burn calories but are also relaxing. Yoga, bowling, gardening, a quick game of basketball or a quick game are all great options. You can also go indoor rock climbing, go to the driving range, play Frisbee at the park with your dog, or bike around your neighborhood for a while. Moving when things get hectic feels good and has been found to be a more effective stress reliever that also boosts your metabolism and daily calorie burn.

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain with Smart Healthy Eating Strategies

Devise Your Non-Holiday Eating Strategy - It’s o.k. to indulge in the foods you love on holidays and special occasions but how you eat every other day during the holiday season is even more important for weight gain prevention. Devise a healthy eating plan that you can follow for the entire holiday season that will keep your body in fat burning mode.

You can also try decreasing portions a bit at each meal, increasing your veggie and water intake each day but really the most effective eating strategy is to limit indulgences to special occasions. Remember that a few decadent holiday dinners do not equal holiday weight gain. It’s what you do all the other non-holiday days that matters most!

Take Supplements To Reduce Cravings - One of the main problems with the holidays is unbalanced eating. You're busy so you skip meals or you eat things you normally wouldn't so your body becomes unbalanced and this causes sugar and carb cravings as well as junk food cravings. Even if you don't experience cravings you might find it more difficult to say not to unhealthy treats and alcohol. According to various holistic health experts you can curb these cravings simply by taking the right supplements.  

Keep A Stash of Healthy Snacks - The best way to keep yourself from losing it when you're surrounded by unhealthy foods is to not allow yourself to get so hungry that you get out of control. This is definitely hard to do when you are busy. Skipped meals and unbalanced meals become more common when life gets hectic but a great way to prevent this is with a stash of healthy snacks. Some of my favorites are 1 cup of homemade trail mix, cut up veggies with hummus, 1/2 an apple or banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter or my #1 choice when on the go Larabars.

Learn To Compromise - Decide in advance when and how you will deviate from your healthy eating plan. Thinking that you won’t or can’t get off track is just unrealistic so accept that it will happen and take control. You have the power to choose when to indulge and when to pass on excess alcohol, sugar and fat calories.  When you do this ahead of time you avoid letting the situation guide your behavior. This is a key weight management skill that every person who’s losing weight should master for lifetime weight management.

Conquer Your Triggers - Most people have food triggers that they learned as kids, teens, or young adults and these triggers are more powerful when family and friends are around. If you’re not aware of your triggers then now is the time to identify them and conquer them with diet strategies that you’ve used in other situations. When you take a weight loss strategy you’ve had success with and use it to conquer a food trigger then you are simply practicing something that you know works and your chances of success are much higher.

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain with Fun R&R

Tune In To Your Other Senses - It can be easy to get swept away by all the decadent food. It smells great, looks yummy, and tastes even better but there are other non-edible holiday treats that smell, look, and feel great too. Try to focus on other fun activities that stimulate your senses as much as food does and you’ll be too busy to focus on food. Start a fire and cut out paper snowflakes with your kids. Head outdoors and take pictures of all the light displays in your neighborhood. Play a physical game like twister, guitar hero, or wii sports with family. Flooding your senses with other fun stimulation keeps your mind off food and on fun.

Schedule Some R&R - Stress happens even when you're eating healthy and staying active and ignoring it causes you to eat too much, drink too much, binge too much. It also leads to increased belly fat! The best solution is to eliminate built up tension or stress with some R&R. Some people like bubble baths, others like yoga, others enjoy a funny movie or a good book, some need a massage. Pick a healthy stress reduction strategy and indulge as often as necessary.  A great way to destress is with a hot bath in Village Naturals Therapy Stress & Tension Mineral Bath Soak.  This stuff smells amazing and makes a great gift too!