WHEN TO HIIT IT & QUIT IT:  The truth about hiit workout routines + quick fat burn workout & tips for best body results!

Today I'm going to share the truth about HIIT workouts also known as metabolic training, metabolic conditioning (metcon for short or bodycon metcon) also called fatloss training, fat burning intervals or plain old interval training for fatloss.  It's scientifically proven to burn 9 times more fat than regular old boring cardio and you've probably seen the results of HIIT first hand on websites, in my before/after pics.  Even my own unmotivated clients have lost 30lb to 70lb permanently with just 20 min. 3x a week of this type of training. 

But while it's true that it's effective as hell for fat burning and getting lean there's a few other not so pleasant truths about it that most fitness trainers WON'T  tell you that I am willing to tell you so you can decide for yourself how much of this type of training your body needs right now and in the future.


1.  It's really damn hard!  Anybody who thinks it isn't is not training at a high enough intensity for their fitness level during the hard intervals.  In other words they're not pushing the intensity to an 8 or 9 out 10 like I explain in my bodycon workout plan ebook.  This is why tons of people doing "intervals" still don't get great results.  If you're doing it right the results will come fast but like I said it will be hard and often unpleasant to train this hard which is why YOU DON'T DO HIIT FOR VERY LONG!                    

 2.  It's not always fun.  Sometimes even if you're doing really dynamic exercises like the ones in bodycon female fitness plan a HIIT workout can be just downright boring.  You're repeating moves for extended periods of time for example doing one move for 20 sec. on 10 sec. off for 4 min. or doing one move for 90 seconds straight or doing just 3 moves for 15 min.  Like I said this is incredibly effective for torching fat and melting belly blubber but MAN ALIVE THIS CAN BE BORING!!!!  especially compared to the other types of YBFF exercises I upload for Love Your Booty or Burlesque Body Fitness etc.  The creativity of a hitt workout is in the interval timing not so much in the exercises which can get repetitive which again is WHY YOU DON'T DO HIIT FOR VERY LONG!!

3.  It can interfere with your best figure goals.  HUH?!  Yeah you've heard me say this thousands of times but it's worth repeating; doing too much HIIT can destroy your boobs your butt and your curves which can result in a little boy body like the girl in pic below.  Sure she has six pack abs but she had to go buy her boobs just to have a chest again and she was very open about her surgery and the reduction that took place shortly after due to complications.  Can you say HELL TO THE NO!  I'm sorry but I do not want to end up burning away all my bodyfat to end up looking like my teenage son nor do I have the money or desire to get cut open and stuffed full of saline bags and I'm fairly certain you're not interested in looking ripped and having surgery either which again is WHY WE DON'T DO HIIT FOR VERY LONG!!!

4.  It's not easy on the joints.  It can also aggravate old neck back hip knee shoulder wrist and foot injuries.  Sure there are ways you can modify moves but you'll still have to work super hard to get into that 8 or 9 intensity zone which is hard on the body no matter what anybody says.  THAT's why half the videos for bodycon plan were only quick videos and not full length youtubes.  I was working around and injury plus had zero business doing that plan since I had zero desire to get leaner.  I was already too skinny for my preference (108 lb half way thru the plan).  I was actually trying to stop my body from burning more fat.  Again this is WHY YOU DON'T DO HIIT FOR VERY LONG!

HIIT workout routine tips & secrets for your sexiest figure

So how do you know when to HIIT IT & QUIT IT?  Here's the only 3 secrets you need to know to do HIIT workout the smart way:

1.  Where are you on the bodyfat scale range and where do you think you need to be?  If you're in the obese or overweight range then doing hiit workout routines 3 times a week may be necessary for a few months.  I've had clients do hiit 3x a week for 4-7 months until they got into fitness range. I personally stuck with hiit consistently for 2 years BUT some days I only did it for 10 min. and I never did more than 3 sessions of hiit per week.  That in my professional opinion and experience training dozens of clients in 15 years is the max most people can handle when doing it correctly.

2.  What other workouts are you doing throughout the week?  If some of your other workouts include fat burning intervals then you can probably cut back on metcon considerably.  If on the other hand most of your other workouts involve a lot of slow paced lifting, yoga, pilates, or other not so intense forms of exercise then you may need to hiit it more often.  It's all about finding the right mix of hiit and other training that is going to get you to your preferred range of bodyfat.

3.  How does your body respond to a hiit workout?  Does your body feel mostly good after you do it?  Do you literally feel hot for 48 hours post workout- like temperature hot not good looking hot? Do you feel energized after you do it?  Does your appetite get suppressed after you do it?  Do you visibly look leaner each time you do it?  These are all signs that your body is handling hiit well.  If on the other hand your body feels exhausted, haggard and you're eating like an Olympian or Marathoner who's carbo loading for competition then maybe quitting hiit for a while is the best thing for you.  

I can tell you from personal experience that I focused on hiit for too long and after a while my body was just refusing to get leaner.  Remember that the body adapts to ALL forms of training and that focusing on some other form of fat burning cardio for a while can trigger other fat burning hormones that have been supressed by overdoing hiit or because of other factors. One form of training that did that for me was hiking up steep hills.  Just 1-3 hours 1x per week is all my body needed to reach my goal of 18% bodyfat.  Want to know the reason this worked? 

Because I had been spending too much time indoors training clients (12 hour days in a dungeon gym with no windows to be specific).  Did you know that getting vitamin D from direct sunlight has been found to increase fat burning?  I didn't know that either and clearly my body needed this more than another hiit workout on the elliptical!  This is also the reason I started doing more outdoors training like the fat burning workout in the video here

quick fat burn workout instructions

1.  Do this hiit workout outdoors or if outdoors is not possible at least do it in a well lit room that gets great sunlight!  The sun helps you burn fat!!

2.  Peform only 8-10 reps of each exercise back to back no rest then repeat 1-2 more times making sure to perform moves with good technique

3.  Immediately after the circuit go run up a steep hill as many times as you like.  Once is good twice is great 3-4 times is awesome!

1 last hiit workout tip for you is the one thing every single ybff plan is based on...

Knowing when to hiit it or quit it is a very personal thing based 100% on your unique body and it's needs.  The more you customize your metcon workout schedule or any workout schedule to your body the healthier fitter and sexier you'll get without all the body drama and pain that many exercisers endure.