High Heels Workout for improved fitness and a sexy body no heels required!

Love being able to go up stairs, hike, walk, dance without losing your balance?  Love high heels but can't walk in them?  The high heels hottie workout will improve all 9 areas of fitness but especially improve your balance and coordination which boosts strength, endurance and fat burning during/after your workouts.  Best of all it does not require working out in heels as some misguided fitness girls suggest. 

And even better than that the high heels workout will tighten and tone all those trouble zones without having to spend hours training them; inner thighs, triceps, upper back, abs, arms too.

High Heels Hottie Workout instructions & tips

Perform all the dumbbell exercises in a circuit 3-4 rounds no rest between exercises or circuits.  Then finish up with 3 rounds of both straps move and at the very end dance it out in high heels if you like.  Remember that you can use any equipment you have and f you don't have straps be sure to pay attention in the video for equipment modifications and tips.

  • tactical lunge to balance db curl oh press
  • gliding disc adduction to curtsey
  • rotating 1 leg deadlift with oh press
  • straps rotating lateral row
  • straps single leg hip extension multi directional kick

High Heels tips from a high heels pro! 

I've seen a lot of silly tips by fitness gurus with zero experience walking, dancing or performing in heels.  A lot of the advice is so appalling and just plain wrong.  The thing about heels is you don't get good at walking in them by walking in them. 

You get good at high heels walking or dancing when all your stabilizer muscles are strong as hell!  Those muscles include your transversus abdominis (corset muscles), gluteus muscles, inner thighs, spinal erectors and calves.  Walking in heels actually destroys most fitness gains which is why you never train in heels. 

Another thing that will help tremendously with heels is undoing all the heels damage with my posture correcting workout

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Need a slightly less demanding high heels workout?  Try the sexy female body exercises circuit.  It includes 4 very similar movement patterns that are slightly less complex and also not as much equipment required.