heavy booty training vs ybff and corset training experiment

by monica

As you know from my previous booty experiment that resulted in booty fat loss and hip width loss, a more aggressive approach to training is often not the best way to go about reshaping your body especially if you're a ruler or cone.

Too much of anything isn't always a good thing. In my case that was too much weight used during booty workouts and too much fatloss training that I had to film for my other site and new ebook.

For the past 4 weeks I've been experimenting with ybff + corset core workouts and my shift to a less aggressive approach is finally paying off!

I went back on ybff plan which I had not done in some time but substituted the corset core abs circuits with all the newer corset training circuits I've been emailing you that include plenty of butt moves and some dancing.

This allowed me to train butt 2 times a week with less weight and without repeating a circuit which my body was not responding to anymore. I also finished filming fatloss circuits for my other site since I completed that new ebook so I stopped doing any type of high intensity fatloss training but have been walking at a moderate pace several times a week after workouts for stress relief and calorie burning.

All these changes have made a noticeable difference in both my booty and body shape. My butt is finally looking more full again and waist maintained at 25" which means I wasn't over training the core and bulking it up which is easy to do if you're a ruler or cone. I'm also not looking as skinny as I was a few months back. You can see the differences in videos below.

*Butt was starting to get flat and hips narrow after 5 weeks of filming fatloss videos for my other site and training with super heavy weight during my booty workouts on top of that.

*Butt is looking much fuller now since I stopped filming fatloss videos and started combining ybff plan with newer corset training circuits using very little weight on the booty moves in those circuits (all my corset core circuits usually involve some type of butt training).

I'm going to be writing up instructions for how to combine the two workout plans I used last month and adding them to the corset core package so if you have those plans I will email you the pdf some time in Jan.

This month I'm going combine the last few circuits I've emailed you with love your booty plan to see if it's possible to shift into a more pyramid type shape.

I've never tried this before so it will be another fun experiment for me and an opportunity to learn more about creating the illusion of a body type that is way different than the one you have naturally.

Remember that you can't change your body type ever, you can only create the illusion of a different shape and it takes work to maintain something that isn't natural for you. Your body will always want to go back to it's natural state which is why you gotta have some sort of plan if you want to prevent losses and maintain your gains in the right areas : )

Are you a pyramid or hourglass with a lot of fat to lose? Check out my bodycon female fitness plan. It's perfect for body types who can afford to lose a lot of junk in the trunk, core, legs, arms, and back. One lady recently emailed me about her 40 lb fatloss using my bodycon fatloss workouts. It's crazy what happens when you challenge your body the right way.

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