Why every woman should sculpt an upside down heart butt shape & the 4 week plan to make it happen by Valentine's day...

This brand new heart butt workout challenge pdf explains exactly why every woman on this planet should sculpt an upside down heart shaped booty.  You may think this goal and my pic is cute or silly or ridiculous butt this happens to be one of the most important health and fitness goals you can have because it prevents serious injuries, pain syndromes, and makes your metabolism function more efficiently plus all your other workouts more effective too.  

4 week heart butt workout plan download & info

The 4 week heart booty challenge can be downloaded by clicking the link or the pic above.  It's a 4 page pdf that lists a combination of circuits that I've uploaded over the past few months.  I've never combined these into a 4 week plan before but have been doing some of these circuits regularly and really love the way they compliment each other.  

There are 4 workout schedules for 4 booty types plus a quick guide to help you find your booty shape.  The pdf includes links to each workout page here on the site where you'll find the video and more body type tips.

Some of the videos are from vlogtober so you'll have to forward thru the intros but I guarantee it's worth your while to do so.  These are some of the most effective circuits I've filmed since creating Love Your Booty plan back in 2013.

So effective that I'm using them to create Love Your Booty More! a brand new plan that's coming this summer.  So this plan is really a sneakpeek of a bigger better booty workout plan; a follow up of Love Your Booty that will sell for about $39 so enjoy the free version without the pics and with some crazy videos.  

The full version will have full length better quality videos plus detailed printouts and exercise explanations just like all the other workout plan ebooks here at ybff.  

Valentine's day giveaway to celebrate your heart butt results!

Around Valentine's day I'll be giving away a pair of butt lifting jeans and some sequins booty short panties.  I'll be posting the giveaways very soon so be sure to check the blog or your email or follow ybff on fb if you want more frequent updates.   

In the mean time check out my review of the new AMIA lift and sculpt jeans

The pros and cons of these jeans is in my AMIA butt lifting jeans review...

Also here is a pic of the sequins panties I'll be giving away in black or red

I wore these for a performance recently and they really sparkle on stage.   Some pics of that on my performer feed here.