5 healthy food diet mistakes preventing your lean toned sexy body results + eat clean fixes

Training hard and following the 80/20 healthy superfoods clean eating method that I recommend in all ybff plans but still struggling to see results?  The trouble isn't always with how hard you're training or how healthy you're eating.  Sometimes the solution is as simple as looking at the portions of certain healthy foods that can act like a calorie bomb AND a metabolism killer!  Are you making the 5 healthy food diet mistakes below?...

healthy food diet mistakes #1: dried or processed fruit 

Dried or processed fruits  such as raisins, figs, cranberries, apricots, pineapples, mangoes even bananas, apples and kiwis are super popular, delicious and nutrient dense snacks.  Surprisingly they are also very similar in calories and sugar content to regular fruit. 

The problem with dried or processed fruit is that all the water has been taken out so while they may be as nutritious and healthy as regular fruit they are not as filling and this is where many people fall into the trap of eating a whole lot more than they need because they're not getting the satisfaction from a small serving. 

If you have this issue the best solution is to just to stay away from this food until you have established really strong portion control skills.  If you need help be sure to read through ybff plan healthy eating guide for simple effective tips that work.

healthy food diet mistake #2:  dairy or faux dairy

Dairy or faux dairy such as milk, skim milk, yogurt, Greek yogurt, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk and all those other fake dairy products that are a great substitute if you are dairy intolerant are great in minimal amounts.  Just like I mentioned in my nutrition myths article dairy is not a miracle fat loss food.  In fact it actually inhibits your digestion process which in turn slows down your metabolism to a crawl explains beauty foods expert Kimberly Snyder.  

Best solution if you love milk yogurt and cheese is simply cut it way down to one small serving a day or every  other day.  There are plenty of other healthy foods much higher in calcium.  I listed them in my nutrition myths article.

healthy food diet mistake #3: nuts seeds nut butters

Nuts, seeds and nut butters such as walnuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, pistachios, peanut or almond butter, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds all have dozens of nutritional benefits and are a super convenient snack to eat and take with you.  They are also very high calorie and the serving size you need per day is considerably smaller than many of us would like to admit. 

Just one ounce of almonds (12 almonds) is 160 calories and this is considered about half a serving.  So if you were to eat a whole serving of almonds that would be 320 calories which is nearly the amount of calories most women need for 1 meal!!  Unfortunately I meet women who stress eat or boredom eat entire bags of nuts then wonder WHY OH WHY they can't get or stay lean if they're only eating healthy foods. 

If this is you the best solution is to learn nut portions then measure them out in baggies and stick to your measured portions instead of eating them straight out of the original bag or container. 

healthy food diet mistakes #4:  protein supplements

Protein supplements such as whey, soy, hemp, brown rice, pea or other are a great way to get a quick fix when you don't have time to cook eggs or chicken breasts, beef or fish.  They're also great for vegetarians and people who just don't enjoy eating animal meats.  The issue with supplements is that they are not intended to be a regular source of protein in the body because even though they are nutritious they are also highly processed and often come packaged with other ingredients your body really doesn't need. 

Some of those ingredients can affect your digestion which slows down metabolism.  Other ingredients can bloat you, upset your stomach or cause acne and mental fatigue.  These are all things I've experienced when relying too much on proteins which made it very difficult to train hard and get lean body results. 

If you're protein supplementation is problematic for you the solution is cutting way back for a while to see if it makes a difference.  You can always add it back in moderation and see if it works in smaller doses. 

healthy food diet mistakes #5:  stimulants

Pre workout stimulants containing hypey ingredients plus caffeine such as coffee, detox tea, cacao nibs, yerba mate, ignite, hottie, and many other crazy concoctions that rev up your fight/flight system.  You would think that smart women everywhere would know better than rely on quick fixes but even I have fallen prey to stimulant claims of torching more calories and igniting fat burning.  Unfortunately the research shows there is minimal  increase in calorie torching and if you think about it the bulk of your fat burning and metabolic boosting comes the 48 hours AFTER you train. 

So while these supplements may make you hyper enough to kick some serious ass during your workout the effects are minimal and they can cause dependence meaning once your body gets adapted to them it's harder to amp yourself up without them. 

Best solution here is to learn to rev up your energy naturally with a great warmup routine  This way your body gets in the habit of burning fat naturally without relying on anything other than movement and motivation. 

If you're already doing this and feel you need a boost then it's o.k. to try these supplements just realize that you need to curb your use at some point or it will backfire on you eventually making it harder to train hard and stay lean.