7 quick simple healthy detox meals 

Too much sugar too much alcohol too much fat too many calories?  What you need isn't another healthy detox DIET!  What your body really needs is the 7 featured superfoods meals that detox quickly and effortlessly so you can get back to 80/20 superfoods eating that makes you fit healthy and sexy!  Read on to find out why the detox meals below work for all women... 

healthy detox meals to help with overeating and portion control

1.  Organic veggie soup with optional protein - One of the hardest things about detoxing is that empty feeling in your stomach because it's not stuffed full of heavy foods.  Personally, this is not an issue but I work with LOTS of clients who don't like the empty stomach feeling and the best solution to that is high fiber soups.  All that warm liquid and fibrous veggies do an amazing job of filling you up AND providing the nutrition your body needs to boost metabolism and energy.  Small amounts of lean protein like chicken, turkey or beef are optional but great for helping you feel full and balanced. [pic below]

2.  Feta omelette with black bean veggie salad - Another great option for anybody with portion control issues is this super filling omelette filled with a bit of savory cheese and topped with tons of nutrient dense veggies and beans to help you feel full.  Super easy to make and you can use leftover veg from dinners plus use any type of beans you like.  If beans are not your thing try quinoa! [bottom right pic in collage]

healthy detox meals to help detox from chocolate and alcohol 

3.  Chocolate avocado smoothie - If you're a chocoholic like me and you went a bit overboard with hot chocolate and other chocolaty treats over the holidays this meals is perfect for you!  The fiber and natural sugar from banana and berries curbs sugar cravings, the healthy fat from chia and avocado helps you feel satisfied and boosts fat burning plus the chocolate greens powder chock full of greens, pre/probiotics and enzymes boost digestion and energy like crazy!  [top left pic in collage]

4.  Smoked salmon cucumber stacks with olives - Boozed it up a bit too much during the holidays and now want to go dry for January but finding it hard to start?  This meal can make all the difference!  Because alcohol has depressant qualities the healthy fats in salmon will help curb the low feeling that makes you want to drink again to feel cheerful.  The romaine and cucumber provide tons of hydrating water and the olives potassium to boost hydration as well as liver and kidney function. [pic below]

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healthy detox meals to help with sugar and carb cravings

5.  Sweet potato kale quinoa salad - Was one of your issues over the holidays carbo loading?  It's pretty common and holiday foods make it nearly impossible not to overeat all those decadent carb dishes like pasta, potatoes, breads, pies, etc.  As many of you know I'm a carboholic carb type which means this is a huge issue for me and the best way I've found to get away from overeating carbs those years I've been bad is sweet potato and quinoa.  Together they provide tons of fiber along with essential fats and some protein too.  Be sure to add plenty of hearty greens and other yummy veggies to balance out the starchy carb load. [top right pic in collage]

6.  Berry spinach cashew salad - Was your Christmas cookie addiction out of control this year?  If so this meal is just for you.  High fiber sugar from the berries along with yummy healthy fat from the cashews help curb those cookie cravings plus the greens provide fiber and that chewy texture that cookie monsters love!   If you're going to dress this salad try just using balsamic or a homemade honey lemon vinaigrette.  Also any nuts including almonds and walnuts work for this and other fruits like apple and orange are great too! [middle right pic in collage]

7.  Pineapple coconut smoothie - Another great smoothie option for sugar and carb lovers is the smoothie that tastes like a decadent tangy desert.   You can use coconut water or coconut oil and use fruits other than banana if that doesn't appeal to you.  You can also make with yogurt instead of chia water.  This smoothie is super easy to adapt to your liking and is one of my favorites when I need something more exciting than my usual smoothie.  [pic below]