Healthy breakfast tips to fix slow metabolism, lose stubborn fat & get your best female figure

These top 5 breakfast mistakes cause your slow metabolism, your struggle to lose stubborn fat and prevent you from having your best female figure.  Are you making these easy to fix mistakes?  No worries the healthy breakfast tips to fix them are right below...

The obvious breakfast mistakes & simple healthy breakfast tips to fix them

1.  The too much food breakfast - Have you ever watched that Pleasantville movie with Reese Witherspoon that features a giant breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, blueberry pancakes covered in syrup plus milk, juice, donuts on the side hahaha.  This is a gross exaggeration of the type of breakfast many people eat but it is an example of how overeating at any one meal is just plain ridiculous.  The body can only handle so many calories at a time depending on your metabolism and level of activity.  Anything that isn't used gets stored right in your trouble zones! 

Healthy breakfast tips 1:  Find your ideal calorie intake based on activity level then split that up evenly into the number of meals you plan on having each day.  In YBFF plan I recommend 3 meals and 1 snack per day but you may have different needs.  Whatever you choose to do be sure your calorie intake is fairly equal throughout the day to avoid metabolic slow down and insulin spikes.

2.  The wrong type of foods breakfast - This mistake is one of the most common mistakes made by most women I've ever worked with in person and it's the mistake of eating wrong foods for your metabolic type.  For example if you're a carb type and you eat huge protein breakfasts or any other huge protein meals then your metabolism will always struggle.  I know this for a fact because I did this for years.  On the other hand if you're a protein type and you insist on eating only fruit and cereal and other carby type protein-free breakfasts because you hate eggs or insist your body is vegan or any other reason then you too will struggle your whole life to be lean because of whatever beliefs are controlling your eating. 

Healthy breakfast tips 2:  The often hard to accept reality is that in order for your metabolism to function at optimum for fat burning, energy, and a fit body, you must feed your body the fuels that IT needs not the fuels you think it wants.  Remember that just because a food is healthy does not mean it is optimum fuel for your body.  A basic metabolic type diet test will tell you what these foods are. 

The sneaky breakfast mistakes & super easy healthy breakfast tips to fix them

3.  The toxic metabolic slow down breakfast - It's 2017 and if you're still making this metabolic breakfast mistake then you must stop now!  Stop the dairy at breakfast!  According to Kimberly Snyder author of The Beauty Detox "Dairy contains two ingredients that are very difficult for humans to process: lactose and casein. 

Additionally rbGH in dairy increases the incidence in IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) in humans. This can decrease insulin sensitivity and may be a precursor to type 2 diabetes. IGF-1 may also increase risk of developing heart disease or cancer.  Finally dairy is extremely mucus-forming, which means it is slow to digest in the digestive tract, which may lead to more toxicity being compounded in the digestive tract and throughout the body." 

Healthy breakfast tips 3:  If you must have milk, yogurts, cheese, cottage cheese, or butter at least wait to eat it later in the day.  If you love some dairy like I do you can still eat it in moderation but it's best to wait and have it later.

4.  The wrong time to break fast - The general consensus from the food pushers is that eating first thing in the morning jump starts metabolism but all the newest research shows that extending your overnight fast improves insulin levels, human growth hormone, cellular repair, as well as prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.  All of this is important for muscle tone, strength, energy, metabolism, and overall health and well being.  There are countless research studies available on Google if you care to do your own research but I posted a few in this intermittent fasting guide. 

Healthy breakfast tips 4: Try extending your overnight food fast from 8 hours of sleep (if you're even getting that much sleep) to 10 or 15 or even 18 hours once a week.  This is called intermittent fasting and it is very effective for permanent fatloss and endurance too.  The boost in metabolism and fat melting power of this will shock you!

5.  The dumbest breakfast meal mistake of ALL - This mistake is everything you've ever been taught by your parents, by society, by old school personal trainers and especially by the jokers who manipulate the food pyramid for big agriculture which only cares about profits and not your health.  The mistake is eating breakfast because you think you have to eat it.  OMG you are not going to die; in fact your body will finally be calorie depleted long enough that your body will start tapping into those fat stores for fuel.  You know that stubborn fat that never gets used up because you're constantly feeding your body as instructed by the food pushers of the world.  Yeah those fat cells will finally start working for you instead of against you if you just stop with the constant eating when you're not hungry. 

Healthy breakfast tips 5:  If you're not hungry for breakfast then skip it but do figure out a good time to have your first meal.  That may be mid morning or lunch and can vary depending on your metabolic type and also your level of activity and various other factors.  Eat when you're starting to get hungry but not when you're starving.  It's that simple.  More tips on 6 meals vs. skipping meals here