healthy eating vs unhealthy diet excuses

by Monica

Feeling uninspired to cook and eat healthy meals. It's too time consuming, too much work, too expensive, too overwhelming, just too much drama all around? I totally get where you're coming because I felt like that ages ago and still do once in rare while, even though I've been cooking healthy for my family 3x a day for many years now.

Let's just be 100% honest here and admit that for many of us grocery shopping is not enjoyable and food prep (chopping food in advance) isn't all that therapeutic and relaxing. I also do not believe for one minute that most women love cleaning up after meals. Only the obsessive compulsive bordering on madness find cleaning fun; seriously have you seen that show? Even they know they need help!

But here's the real truth: it is even more time consuming, more work, more expensive, overwhelming, and drama filled, to look, feel and be unhealthy. It is especially stressful to have low self esteem because you do not look or feel the way you want to look and feel. It is also a monumental drag to not have the energy or motivation to go out and live the fun inspired life of your dreams because you don't have the confidence or stamina to do so.

Now if you were to place both ends of this struggle on a scale I guarantee the eating cheap fast unhealthy meals side would sink to the bottom quick because it's a much heavier burden on your mind and body than cooking/eating healthy most of the time is.

But maybe right now it's hard to see yourself making the healthy choices most often so you feel you need to justify your bad behaviors by making them appear so much easier and convenient and cheaper and less stressful. You know they aren't but you're pretending they are...

If you find yourself in this position try journaling how you feel every single time you engage in unhealthy behavior. I guarantee the cons will begin to weigh more heavily on your conscious than they are on the scale because you are finally holding yourself accountable.

After some time of journaling bad behaviors, try only journaling good behaviors and how those made you feel. Then compare the difference and imagine yourself feeling that good most of the time. Sometimes we need to engage in these types of mental and emotional exercises to stop lying to ourselves and to realize that healthy habits are much easier to live with than heaviness of kidding ourselves about how hard it is.

Like I always say the choice is entirely yours and what you choose is either going to get you closer to the body and life of your dreams or much further from it no matter how you choose to see things in your mind.

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