Happy Halloween recipes and healthy eating rule

by monica

This smoothie gets it's bite from licore tea dark cherries and blood orange juice.  Click pics to enlarge.

This smoothie gets it's bite from licore tea dark cherries and blood orange juice. Click pics to enlarge.

This smoothie gets it's bite from licore tea dark cherries and blood orange juice.  Click pics to enlarge. This black magic potion gets it's intense dark color from spirulina powder This cute scarecrow jack o lanterns is filled with foods I normally eat and sits on a bed of salad you've seen me post many times. This bat is made with pumpkin seed walnut feta kale pesto and goat cheese organic cream cheese poppy seeds black olives sriracha and organic blue corn chips

This Vampire Kiss Halloween smoothie might just be one of the best smoothies I've ever made and is a great option for anybody wanting to celebrate Halloween without undoing your workout efforts.

I also created a black magic potion that is similar to the smoothies I make daily and great for digestion, detoxing, immune function, skin and so much more. Happy Halloween! and remember that holidays can be fun even if you're celebrating in a healthy way.

Vampire kiss smoothie recipe: 1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 1 cup water then blended with 1/2 cup organic milk or vanilla greek yogurt 1/2 cup water and 1 tbp coconut oil. Pour into a measuring cup and set in fridge to thicken.

Clean out blender and make second part of smoothie: 1 cup iced licorice tea (just soak a tea bag in cold water for 5 min. no need to boil anything) 1/2 cup frozen cherries, 1/2 cup blackberries, 2 tbsp dark cherry juice, 1 tbsp blood orange juice. Pour white liquid into glass then pour red liquid over a spoon that's touching the inside of the glass (like bartenders do when layering a drink).

Some of the dark liquid will sink but some will stay on top which makes it look like a blood sucking vampire took a sip of your smoothie. This is an amazing blend of flavors and fun halloween drink that's bloody good for you ; ) If you don't like licorice a good substitute would be orange & spice tea.

**I tried to find a healthy blood orange juice but none was available so used Martinellis which is not the best option. There are tons of great brands out there with no added sugar so be sure to use one of those instead of the one I used. Will probably taste better!

Black magic potion: 1 tbsp chia soaked in 1 cup water then blend with 1/2 cup black berries, 2 tbsp dark cherry juice, 1 tsp spirulina powde, drizzle of honey. Pour carrot orange juice (store bought or juiced by you) into glass then layer black juice on top by pouring over a spoon touching inside of glass. The glow stick inside was just for effect.

The last two pics are fun food ideas I pinned to ybff pinterest Halloween board. The scarecrow jack-o-lantern is just an orange bell pepper filled with a meal that I would normally eat; pasta, all natural chicken meatballs, mushrooms and tomatoes plus lacinato kale, red kale, purple cabbage, carrots salad.

The pumpkin seed kale pesto cheeseball bat is only sightly different than the original posted on pinterest and is delicious but definitely a treat food because of the high cheese and nut content. As I've written before indulging on holidays is o.k. as long as you do so in moderation and you follow the 80/20 rule of eating daily.

Have questions or comments or fun Halloween recipes to share? Please post them in the comments.

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