Halloween 2017 epic cheap last minute costume ideas

by Monica

This Demon Damsel costume was only $15!

This Demon Damsel costume was only $15!

This Demon Damsel costume was only $15! American Horror Story Clown Cult Costume 50 Shades Darker Naughty Masquerade party costume Space Pants costume with galaxy leggings

Halloween 2017 came around so fast this year and it's on a Tuesday! This means you'll probably be at all your Halloween parties and events the weekend before and if you're like most people you are probably still trying to figure out what costume to wear without spending a tone of money OR looking like every other woman in a basic Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman outfit.

So for Halloween 2017 I decided to put together the epic but cheap last minute costume ideas post at the last minute hahaha! I promise these ideas will blow away the competition and maybe even win you a costume contest somewhere!

Halloween costume idea #1: Demonic Damsel
All you need is a $7 red gown from the thrift shop, 2 pieces of sheer red fabric that only costs $4 with a coupon at fabric shop and some white horns which can be made from left over white fabric or white glitter foam board or even cardboard or newspaper painted white then dipped in glitter. If you have red gloves that is also nice but not necessary. There are many ways to make the horns In my vlogtober 12 video posting on patreon.com/ybff I share how I made mine and other ways I've seen people make some really cool ones quickly.

Halloween costume idea #2: American Horror Story Clown Cult
This would be a great group costume or just awesome on it's own! All you need is black jeans, black tee shirt, black boots or high tops and a black bomber jacket or wind breaker. The clown collar is made from 1 large trash bag that is gathered with thread and tied at back with attached ribbon. The ends are dipped in red paint to make it look like it's dripping blood. My vlogtober 12 video on patreon.com/ybff shows how easy this is. The makeup is basic clown makeup as shown in the tutorial here. Clown are super trendy this year but if you want to stand out from all the Pennywise clowns and Harley Quinn clones and still be a clown then this option is so easy creepy and cool!

Halloween costume idea #3: Space Pants
Do you have galaxy leggings? Then you got Space Pants. All you need is a cheap ugly blond bob wig from Walmart which are about $7 and a silver vest or jacket which you can find at thrift for $4 and you'll be looking exactly like Peter Dinklage in the SNL skit he did with Gwen Stefani. Hilarious and I guarantee not many people will be wearing this fun outfit.

Halloween costume idea #4: 50 Shades Darker Naughty Masquerade
The fetish look is hotter than ever right now but if you are bored of the whole latex catsuit look which is so overdone on Halloween then this naughty mask bondage look might be just what you're looking for to stand out from all the other fetish babes. You'll need a sexy gown (mine was $8 at the thrift) , a masquerade mask (mine was free because it belonged to my son when he dressed as a plague doctor years ago) and finally some opera gloves.

Optional pieces to add are a leather choker or leather and chains harness (mine is an old dance piece from 1993!). You could use a rope that you can tie yourself but again it's not necessary. You can also add some kind of cape if you have one laying around. Mine is an old vampire cape that belonged to my mother. It's velvet black outside and red cotton inside.

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