Gymboss Interval Workouts for A Lean Toned Body

Next to a big fancy cardio machine the gymboss interval timer looks small and insignificant but this tiny timer has the power to turbocharge fatloss, boost endurance & get you the lean toned sexy body you want faster.

The Gymboss is a tiny programmable timer that allows you to program a variety of interval settings. It’s so small it fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily clipped on to clothing during a workout. It has various alarm settings including loud beep, soft beep or loud beep with vibrate, soft beep with vibrate or vibrate only.

You can use it for many workouts including tabata protocol intervals, jump rope, boot camp exercises, yoga stretches, hula hooping, training for marathons, and so much more. It’s one of the most affordable and versatile tools you can add to your at home workout gear.  

How Gymboss interval workouts boost weightloss fatloss & body makeover results

1.  The Gymboss interval timer allows you to focus on the quality of your exercises and prevents zoning out when counting reps or time. This alone will transform your workouts from challenging to seriously intense.

2.  It also motivates you to do better each time you train. The dual timing feature allows you to work hard then record rounds and reps during your recovery intervals so you can quickly track your progress and aim to do better next round or next workout.

3.  An interval timer keeps your workouts challenging and exciting which helps you stay consistent and staying consist with your training is a must in order to achievie all your weightloss, fatloss and fitness goals.  

4.   The Gymboss timer is versatile and can also be used to increase the intensity of any type of workout including cardio, weight training, bodyweight training, core,  leg and butt circuits, etc..  It  can even be used to improve results from your mobility and flexibility routines.

5.  It can be also be used in combination with all your other exercise fitness home gym gear because it's small enough to attach to your clothes or bright enough that you can see it from a distance.  The sound options vary too so you can set it on loud, soft, vibrate with various beep options that work in your home gym.

I've filmed so many gymboss interval workouts over the years but this one using a chair is my absolute favorite!  It burns fat and work my legs butt core and arms.

Other interval timer options for gymboss interval workouts & gymboss setup 

The Gymboss is a great timer available directly through them or at the  ybff amazon shop but it's not the only interval timer on the market.   There are quite a few others that vary in price range from $20 all the way to $275.  Here is a quick list of timers I found on amazon that you can try:

  • Everlast Interval Training Round Timer
  • Gymboss MiniMax Timer
  • SKLZ DRLZ Timer
  • Interval Workout Timer TMR05B
  • Finis Circuit Trainer
  • Title Boxing Personal Timer

Need to learn how to setup for tabata style gymboss interval workouts?  Watch the video here to learn how.

Once you set it up for tabata intervals you'll pretty much know how to set it up for all the other types of high intensity interval training protocols featured in your best female figure workout plans.