Glute activation exercises for a sexy curvy booty & better body results!

If you are a busy every day woman then chances are you have some level of glute dysfunction as a result of a sedentary job, high heel posture imbalances, pregnancy, abdominal surgery,  back or sports injuries.  

Glute dysfunction also known as lazy butt syndrome or heart shape bottom syndrome makes getting a toned curvy sexy booty nearly impossible.  It also causes your abs to pooch out and your waist to expand.   The good news is that the solution to this common problem is simple:  glute activation exercises that restore glute function and improve workout results.

best glute activation exercises for your sexiest booty ever!

glute activation exercises & instructions:  perform 8-12 reps of each exercise in a circuit one time before your regular circuits

  • mega ball heel press
  • bent over single leg swings
  • mini band leg circles
  • mini band side lying abduction
  • reclined thera band leg extension
  • mega ball single leg bridge w/leg kick
  • stability ball bent leg hip extension
  • ankle weight diagonal hip extension

glute activation exercises tips:  

  • try not to rush through your booty  activation exercises
  • focus on getting a strong contraction with each rep
  • stay aware of posture to improve technique and function quickly 
  • if an exercise doesn't work for you find a similar one that does work
  • FUNctional training improves your body and workouts so have FUN with it!

These booty exercises in the video are just a few of the dozens if not hundreds of other glute activation exercises that can correct glute as well as core dysfunctions that are preventing your best booty and best body results.  Some other great options include:

Correcting any type of posture imbalance or muscle dysfunction doesn't have to be time consuming, boring, or painful.  Adding in some simple exercises like the ones in these two videos to your weekly routine can make a huge difference in a short period of time and get you the results you want from your booty exercises and body makeover workouts much faster.

more glute activation tips

Lazy dysfunctional glutes is one of the biggest issues that I encounter when training both women and men.   It is one of the top reasons clients have low back and hip pain as well as knee pain.  

One of the most important tips I share with all my clients who need glute activation is to touch their glute muscle occasionally as they perform activation exercises.  This technique is called palpation and can help you get better results from from any glute exercises.  

Simply place your fingertips on the glutes when you perform booty exercises to make sure your butt muscles are working.  This may sound ridiculous but when you have lazy butt syndrome you often don't realize that other muscles are doing the work so feeling that glute contraction is necessary to restore glute function.