Gliding disc exercises turn up the burn and boost your female body makeover results

Gliding disc exercises  are awesome for toning the entire body and they are especially great for butt leg and ab workouts that really burn fat.

The best thing about sliding discs is they're a safer more affordable alternative to ab wheels and slide boards plus you can easily pack them away in your luggage or gym bag and use them just anywhere.  Here are a few of the best disc exercises from our workout plans plus glide disc tips.

Gliding disc exercises are intense & challenging but also very fun

As soon as you start doing gliding disc exercises you notice 3 things.

  • You're breathing much harder and sweating a lot more.
  • Your abs, butt, and legs contract and start working harder.
  • You are having way more fun with your fatloss workouts.
  • Your bodyweight seems to be more than enough to get a killer booty and core workout
  • Your flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, and focus is being challenged as well

So how is it possible that this small and innocent looking piece of fitness gear is so challenging and effective for fatloss strengthening endurance flexibility and toning too?

The gliding disc is unique because it creates a lot of instability when you train by increasing range of motion. So it allows you to recruit more muscle but without having to use more weight.  

It also forces all your stabilizer muscles from your glutes to inner thighs to your deep core muscles to your postural muscles to work extra hard to keep you upright and keep your low back stable which increases fatloss and toning results.

What glide disc brand works best?

There are two main brands of gliding discs including Gliding Discs by Spree and the Valslides but there are a few others including Gold's Gym power glide, Cathe slide n glide disks.   I use the valslides at home and gliding discs at the studio with clients and here is my experience with various features of both these brands.

Shape: Gliding Discs are round and the Valslide discs are oblong. Round discs are harder to control for beginners but advanced exercisers like the freedom to move in all directions. The oblong shape is easier to control and fits the shape of the hands and feet but not as easy to move in diagonal directions. I prefer more freedom to move in all directions.

Padding: Valslide discs have rubber padding on the top and gliding discs have no padding at all. The rubber does create a more solid grip and the padding under the hand feels good but again it's totally a matter of preference. I prefer the padding when doing upper body exercises.

Extras: Both discs have booties that you can slide onto them in case you want to use them on hard floors instead of carpet.  Both discs have workout systems to help you get started.

I personally like both but prefer the feel of the Valsides.   They glide very easily and the padding feels good on my bare feet which is how I do most of my workouts.